How Nintendo is Poised to Win E3

OmniGamer Writes "Yes, I believe the Nintendo has a strong possibility of winning this year’s E3 without hardly attending it. Many of you are probably scratching your head at the notion of Nintendo being this years best console manufacturer at E3. I really do not see the other 2 winning this year, and especially not Microsoft. After their recent announcement on used games, DRM , and needing to connect once ever 24 hours I think they blew their chance. Sony is being awfully quite about their policies, but I really find it hard to believe that they will not adopt a similar policy."

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Rrobba1959d ago

Whilst it may be unlikely, you should learn to be more open-minded - that's the problem with most people on N4G.

Nintendo definitely goes into this E3 as the "underdog", but given their amazing game line-up for the next year, they could still take the show with some third-party surprises.

BattleAxe1959d ago

Sony will win E3, and to say otherwise simply stupid. However, Nintendo will definitely overtake Xbox One without a doubt.

_QQ_1959d ago

Its obvious you didn't even read the article,nor are you contributing anything significant, all you say is "not gonna happen" without even stating why you think so,as if you have amazing credibility as a fortune teller and gaming analyst.

3-4-51959d ago

Why can't more people have an intelligent balanced opinion.

People like Caesar serve no purpose in life other than to annoy people. He is the Mosquito of the internet.

A plague of sorts.

CaEsAr-1958d ago

Take it easy there kid

Sincere01211959d ago

Nintendo have ready won, if your a fanboy who see's it as a big competition.

Ps4 is a powerful machine but half the power wont be used. They have no good 1st party titles like nintendo, so to cover that up all the fanboys talk about is Nintendo not having a lot of third Party titles.
There aint a game on the playstation 1st party or 3rd party that can go head to head with a 1st party nintendo game.

Ps4 will have slightly better graphics than wii u, But most true gamers are more interested in the Gameplay and thats where the Playstation fails, its all about looks but has no substance.

Xbox one I don't even no where to start, they are there own worst enemy.

miyamoto1959d ago

What did I just read!

How is life living in psychological self denial?

Felonycarclub81959d ago

I was LMFAO especially the part, where he said they have no good 1st party titles. This made my day lol, when is the last time Nintendo had a GOTY lol

_QQ_1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy1/2, Skyward sword, Twighlight princess all have won GOTY on many different sites while UC2 is the only PS3 exclusive to Win GOTY on multiple sites. and at your next comment, Where are Sony's games like Nintendo?BTW Metroid prime 3 wipes the floor with most shooters out there be it uncharted,halo or killzone.Really Good luck trying to find an exclusive Shooter game be it 3rd person or First on PS3/360 With the same intuitive controls, Amazing Boss fights,Complex puzzles,Fun and innovative gameplay as Metroid Prime 3.Chances are you haven't even played MP3, but i have played Uncharted, Halo, killzone,and all other big shooter games so i know what i'm talking about

Sincere01211959d ago

lol i dont know, u tell me?

nirwanda1959d ago

If MS are serious about have 15 exclusive games in the first year then pretty much all 15 could be shown at E3 and not even ninty could compete with that.
Sony has shown alot of its games already but will have held back quite a few things and killzone and driveclub will have improved further and be playable to the public and also will have had more time to accommodate the extra memory.
So even if ninty show a new mario, zelda and metriod and bayonetta it will still find it hard to take the attention away from the new consoles.

Felonycarclub81959d ago

Ps4 will have slightly better graphics than wii u, ha ha ha ha LMFAO, tell me a Nintendo game that can compete with TLOU please make my day Lol seriously I like Nintendo but don't sit there and talk nonsense, playstation is the only company out of all three that make a variety of games and have more first party's, especially than Nintendo, where are the wii u first party games, and its going to be the same titles over and over, Mario, super smash brothers Zelda, metroid, pikmin where is games like journey, uncharted, tlous, heavy rain I could go on and on, and why are companies dropping wii u support if ps4 and Xbox 1 are only slightly more powerful LMFAO

Sincere01211959d ago

lol how old r u 8? playstation only ever bring out the same old boring games. No innovation. Its sad really, all they do is copy nintendo or try to. lol n64 goldeneye over any cod or shooting game on playstation and look how old that it. so LMFAO all you like. lol d;o)

Felonycarclub81959d ago

LMFAO how old are you 8 ha ha ha u are so funny seriously, the same old games, right you can actually sit there and say they are the same old games, dude playstation has more franchises than Nintendo does, more studios, Nintendo is the one that brings out the same old boring games over and over, Nintendo used to actually take risk and do different kinds of games after the 64 shit went downhill common you are telling me Nintendo doesn't bring out the same games over and over, am going to give you a hint Mario lmao and it's funny you talk about goldeneye n64 like I said n64 was to me the last great system from Nintendo when they actually used to care about all the gamers and why bring call of duty that's a multiplatform game, see you don't even know playstation games you are just blind Nintendo fanboy grow up stop living in the past.

Realplaya1959d ago

@ Felonycarclub8 I am pretty sure Nitendo has more franchises than Sony. I did the math they been around longer. I'm not saying I'm just saying.

CaptainN1958d ago

A game that can compete with TLOU? Are you talking graphically because X (Xenoblade 2) can damn sure do that!

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from the beach1959d ago

Should be a great one for Nintendo - Mario U, Retro's game, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros., Monolithsoft's X, Sonic: Lost World, Yarn Yoshi.. really excited.

WeAreLegion1959d ago

They will show some awesome games! I will probably prefer the things Sony is showing, but my Wii U needs lovin', too. I can't wait to see what Nintendo has!

Eyesoffiction1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

E3 isn't a competition so on one will win.

nirwanda1959d ago

Every business is in competition with one another.
E3 may not have a direct winner but it will still hand out plenty of awards that will hype and influence people's buying habits.

A good example of how someone can win E3 was when everyone had written off the wii until E3 because it was ' underpowered' and despite all the hype beforehand of the ps3 it lost with bad demo's like giant enemy crab etc.

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