Microsoft's "One" Clever Strategy

Justin Pickering (Nizulo) writes: "I’m a gamer. I want a gaming console, not a glorified Blu-ray-playing web-browser. Okay, so we live in the age of connectivity, the age of digital interaction, of simulated relationships, and the age of 'one box fits all'. But surely, I’m not the only one concerned with this obsession with gimmickry – that by the simple act of acceptance, we as a society are promoting more and more every day.

In the end however, I will have to wave my white flag at Microsoft. They have successfully, and seamlessly, switched their target market while solidifying an almost indomitable consumer base through the guise of innovation: an impressive business strategy that, while irritating a minority of consumers, is set to please a great deal more. The real question is: which one are you?"

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snake_eater1961d ago

You call this clever?

move along people

Yi-Long1961d ago

... then I don't want to see 'stupid'.

nerdkiller1961d ago

yilong: that was a clever response, bubble for you

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sAVAge_bEaST1961d ago

Some call it clever, some call deceptive.. some people compare apple's to oranges...

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Bigpappy1961d ago

Before you guys can see what is so smart about M$ plan, you have to first accept that X1 is basically, a diskless console. Games do not work off of the disk. The Blu-ray is there only to transfer data for games, and to watch movies. M$ has moved on to DD.

Sony wants to do the same thing, but does want the negative backlash. They are letting M$ fight the fight. Looks like the Sony fans are going to really be a tough sell after they have been so publicly vocal.

Clarence1961d ago

Sure they do. I'm glad you attended the meetings at Sony, to give us all insight on
what their planning with the PS4.

iceman061960d ago

I don't really see "smart", I see business as the bottom line. That being said, of course it would be easier to just abandon traditional discs for DD. But, the risk is that you also would abandon some "traditional" gamers as well. So, the choice for MS is to pretty much drag their consumer base into the future, while Sony is choosing to ease their consumer base into the future. Either way, you are right DD is what they both want. But, it seems as though at least one company is trying to make that jagged little pill a bit easier to swallow.

InTheLab1960d ago

I guess that's bad news for the Sony owned Blu Ray factories. Maybe Sony should tell Sony that Sony is planning to bypass blu rays and jump right into the digital distribution they've been doing since Day1 on the PS3?

YNWA961960d ago

$ony is only interested in free games and white beautiful Doves.... They will never hurt us dominant sensitive male gamers... I am sure they have no interest ever in making money of us, as much as possible!

Muffins12231960d ago

I stopped reading as soon as you put "M$".......already shows how your opinion is biased even if Microsoft Xbox one sucks at-least stop calling it M$ its like calling Sony $ony...its just ignorant thinking only one company,Microsoft in this case, cares about money fucking hipster....

miyamoto1960d ago

You all know very well as per Kazification Hirai ...

Sony PlayStation is sticking with physical media because it makes good business in every region besides Amurica unlike M$. The only disc based media selling for xbox in non Amurican regions are pirated ones

stop the denial and unjust justification

greenlantern28141960d ago

if you are unaware sony has embraced digital downloads a lot of games are on ps3 as day one digital. see on like ms sony provides its fans with options.

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popup1960d ago

I never noticed before

Psn8001960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Microsoft are trying to kill game ownership they are trying to say we don't own the game but are just renting the licence they are going to run everything like Apple do ,I tell you all now even the Xbox fanboys don't buy this console because they are trying to ruin our greatest hobby .

Psn8001960d ago

Go read the article on eurogamer about Ms really fascinating about what they see as Ms trying to wreck the games ownership issue they have come out all guns blazing at Ms and the DRM .

AKS1960d ago

If Microsoft's secret goal is to sell PS4s, it's a brilliant strategy.

showtimefolks1960d ago

Clever lol. Yeh lets call it that

rainslacker1960d ago

I'm really getting sick of being called the minority in gaming. The first xbox sold 20 million units, and at no time would I consider that to be a machine catered to more than the hardcore. 20 million is a huge number of people, and those numbers are growing fast as casuals move into the moderates, and moderates move into the hardcore. Gaming has never been bigger, and 20+ million is a large enough number not to be ignored, particularly since we are the ones that likely spend most per capita(among gamers) on these products in the first place.

rainslacker1960d ago

BTW, meant to reply to a post down below.:( Sorry.

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Bloomy1961d ago

I can appreciate this guy's opinion but c'mon, you said so yourself "I’m a gamer. I want a gaming console, not a glorified Blu-ray-playing web-browser."

Who knows? Maybe Microsoft know what they're doing...*cough*

slayorofgods1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

MS has grown out of touch with it's consumers and developed a "MS knows best" complex.

Consumers, "we want a desktop os with the use of a mouse" ms's response, "that's not really what you want, we know what you want better than you do."

That has been their new strategy for a couple of years now.....

Gildarts1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Windows 8.1 brings back the start button and a boot to desktop mode so you can skip the metro interface what are you talking about?

they are listening and I'll be damned if they don't bring something that lets people play games without an internet connection.

mcstorm1961d ago

I think people are just going over the top. I would love to see the Data on how many people play with a 360 not connected to an internet connection. I don't know any one that has one who has not got it connected to the internet in fact its the same with the ps3.

If you can't have it connected to the internet all the time than its not the console for you then its as simple as that.

As for Microsoft being out of touch I have to disagree to. Look at windows phone it is the most stable mobile os on the market and also very easy to use without being to limited.

Also people were asking for a windows os that would would on both tablets and desktop pcs windows 8 dose that. Yes it is a big change but I have not had an issue using it on my work laptop and I also have a surface rt that again I have had no issues with and has been the best tablet I have used and I've had a xoom, iPad, galaxy 10.1, galaxy tab and nexus.

Windows 8.1 is also addressing one of the issues users have said they have with windows 8 so this shows Ms have taken in what people have asked for and the same with having a outlook rt as well.

The way I look at it the ps4 and Wiiu will have issues to and things that can be improved just like any computing device and people will like one over the other to.

Also I am glad Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are going in different directions with there consoles as it gives us different ways to play games unlike gens before it. Also if you a true gamer than you will want to play all the big games such as Mario, halo, get ect and the only way to play them and get the best gaming experience is to own them all.

slayorofgods1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Windows 8.1 is bringing back a start icon that switches to the metro interface. This is not to be mistaken for the traditional start button found on every other os. 8.1 is a lot more minor then it is being advertised as.

In MS's own words on the complaint of not having a start button for desktop users. They said to the effect in a statement, "we understand the complaints, but we are trying to figure out what people REALLY mean when they ask for a start menu." Really MS? This pretty much states they know best.

Don't expect a lot of changes from what you don't like about xbox one either... Steve Balmer needs to go!

KillrateOmega1961d ago

Clever girl, but I shall not fall prey to your spell.

Foxgod1961d ago

What us gamers here on n4g need to remind of, is that we are a minority amongst all consumer, us 300 million only make up only 10% or so of all potential electronic consumers.

Us 10% has a different perspective, then the 90% that may potentially get a console, if only it would cater enough to them.

lucidity1961d ago

Enthusiasts are also your early adopters, who are sorely needed to evangelise to ensure a product gains traction. People rely on word of mouth over marketing when making purchasing decisions. They need gamers, regardless of whether they or the press are prepared to acknowledge that.

THamm1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

It's an XBOX, in the end its still an XBOX. Casuals will always label it as expensive videogames. We are not the minority

Edit: A wii may have been popular because the demographics was for kids and seniors got a hold of it, this is targeted at 20-40 yr olds that have to dish possibly 4-500 hundred. That's not easy atm when everyone has almost everything they want in a smart tv or dvr in a cable box. In the end it comes down to games, and that will make or break this thing

gamertk4211961d ago

Usually, yes, but the Wii changed all that. It's very possible that a large number of hardcore gamers will resist the Xbox One, but if the soccer moms start rolling on it, then you can sell 100+ million consoles.

SexyGamerDude1961d ago

But soccer moms and other people that are a part of the causal crowd want a good deal along with it. I can tell you that they are going to be turned off by the price if it's too high, which it probably will be.

S2Killinit1961d ago

that's why Microsoft only caters to gamers at the beginning of each generation. Once the gamer has bought into the system and the gamer market has been saturated, they move on to their real target group, the casuals. This is why I don't care how many games they show me at E3, I'm not falling for it twice.

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sAVAge_bEaST1961d ago

what percent of the world has the needed Internet?
Also.. Friends don't let friends xbone...

SexyGamerDude1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Fox good, I wouldn't trust that map. For one, it makes it look like everyone in the US has internet. I live in a rural area and I can tell you that connections where I live are very expensive, not that strong, and not everyone has one.

greenpowerz1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

World internet percentage doesn't mean much when gaming doesn't have near the same penetration as internet. That would only make sense if gaming was an equal necessity to needing internet.

THamm1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Yes, people know I like games and ask me which I would prefer. This gen I insisted they get a 360 with a better online experience, only referring the PS3 if they def need a blu ray. I won't tell anyone to get an X1. So yeah, friends don't let freinds xbone.. Us gamers Do matter no matter what spin is put on it, we are the showcase for these brands and we demo out all the cool games and hardware for others to see and say "Wow, I'm getting one, that was so much fun!!"

SexyGamerDude1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


"Let's see the map "you drawn out yourself""

When did I ever say I made a map? All I said is that map is not accurate as it should be. Some places in the US don't have very strong internet connections and connections can be expensive to have. Therefore not many people have them in certain areas.

All of the US shouldn't be colored in, as it is on the map. There should be some blank areas.

Can you please troll somewhere else?

Edit: Oh, I see you decided to go back on your stupidity and edit your comment.

Parapraxis1961d ago

Foxgod, that map is EXTREMELY off.
Here's some actually factual maps:

Northern Canada either way does not have that kind of coverage, that's laughable.
Also, 3g =/= broadband.

Foxgod1961d ago

You dont need broadband to use an xboxone, all you need is an internet connection, and use it once every 24 hours.

YNWA961960d ago

Wow.... Great conversation..... Now whos the saddest of you all??

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Sitdown1961d ago

The question I continue to ponder is if Microsoft is making as big of a misstep as n4g would lead us to believe......I would like to believe a company is smart enough not to just throw away years of branding, but who knows.....greed and arrogance can be a dangerous combination. Personally none of the revelations will affect me much, but I do wonder what happens a year or so down the road....can I be assured that I will always be allowed to play my games.

THamm1961d ago

remember philips cdi, saturn or other failed systems

Patrick1961d ago

Whoa, Whoa, there Foxgod. We arent a minority in the games industry (maybe the world, but not in the games industry). If we were then there wouldn't be much of a games industry. And lots and lots of people buy used games that arent "Hardcore gamers". Once this gets out to those people, I believe they will decide not to buy it as well, at least I hope not anyway. I also hope that PS4 isnt taking this path and going by what Sony has said I do not think they are (at least not to the same extent as MS). If PS4 doesnt choose to go as far as Xbone then we as gamers need to stand behind Sony as to send MS a clear message that we arent going to take the crap their shoveling. Time to send a message with our money.. and buying into it will only tell them they can do WHATEVER they want and we will follow along blindly.

Bloomy1961d ago

Read his response mate. He says "we are a minority amongst all consumer(s)" - highlighting: "all consumer(s)" not games industry.

With that said, I agree with you for the most part! I've always bled black and green but it seems this year's the year of the PlayStation.

LOGICWINS1961d ago

No ur without a doubt in the minority. Most gamers don't frequent gaming sites like this one on a regular basis. Go to a college campus and ask someone what N4G is and they'll look at u like you have two heads.

Microsoft cares more about what people DO than what they say. The only "voice" they hear is a loss of profit. Thats the only thing that matters

blackthorn51961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I read an article from guy who said it best: Revolvery= Jason Schreler

I'm just going to keep posting this every time DRM and consoles come up:

Are movies/music/videogames a good or a service? Because that is the question at the heart of all of this.

Videogames, movies and music were originally services. You went to an arcade to play videogames, you went to a theater to see a movie, you went to a concert/show/etc to hear music. You paid money, enjoyed the entertainment, then left. If you wanted to enjoy the entertainment again, you paid again. We turned these things into goods due to technology and we are now turning them back into a service due to technology. So what are they? A car is a good. It is a tangible, physical thing. A bookcase is a good, it's a tangible, physical thing. A movie on a DVD is a bunch of 1's and 0's that is put on a tangible, physical thing. A game is a bunch of 1's and 0's that is, right now, put on a tangible, physical thing but what happens when companies stop putting these 1's and 0's on physical things (that is where entertainment is heading). What is it then?

If I download an app on my iPhone, it's only useful on that iPhone that is linked to my iTunes account. I don't actually "own" it in the physical sense do I?

MS is jumping out in front of what is the future of entertainment. The writing has been on the wall since Napster, the tech has just finally caught up. Hardcore console gamers are all up in arms because they are use to games being a good not a service and they don't want that to change (I don't blame them). PC gamers (like me) accepted it long ago, smartphone users accepted it because that's the way apps were from day 1 but this is the first time a console maker is doing it. For some reason, console gamers think that Sony won't follow suit. It's naive thinking. 5/30/13

He sums it up there folks. it's the Future. like it or not.

Patrick1960d ago

So where exactly did I say anything about just the people on N4G? I am speaking of Gamers in general, and speaking with our wallets was exactly the point. I seriously doubt MS will pull in many that dont play video games of some sort. Most people will see the XBone as a video game device despite MS trying to make it something more. Its gamers that will decide whether this thing sells or not. If people that play games dont buy it.... it will fail.

YNWA961960d ago

@Blackthorn, well said. This is what we have been coming too for a long time. I believe there is so much angst thrown at MS because everyone here thinks they are revolutionary, and somehow Sony is Neo to them. Just as MS are, like Apple and everyone else Sony are corporate, profit driven. They have always tried to change things, to own them and to make the market theres. Its not about the consumer, its profit. They will go the DRM route too, control used games as well because eventually like apps, all games will only work on what you link it too.. MS is prepared for this... Forward thinking.... People have been too used to having it too easy there way, buying used, pirating and so on.... It was eventually going to awaken the giants..

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Parapraxis1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Well considering there are articles on Time, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and many other prominent media outlets, I'd say the "general public" are definitely being educated about the xbox one and the consumer rights issues that are attached to it.

Don't expect so many "un-educated" plebes to run out and buy the console now.
Read a few posts on Microsoft's FB E3 event posting

People KNOW about this, stop trying to paint this issue as if it is only reaching us "hardcore" guys.

LOGICWINS1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

How many gamers read Time, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes lol? Those postings are irrelavent as well. The general public doesnt pay attention to E3. MS has had horrid E3s for as long as I can remember and people still buy 360s in droves and line up to get the new Halo, Gears, and COD. Thats simply reality. Why people refuse to see it I will never understand.

If FB rants mattered, COD wouldnt sell like mad every year.

Keep slamming that disagree if it'll make any difference in what will happen this fall.

ShwankyShpanky1961d ago

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a major talking point in "favor" of the Xbone is "most consumers are too ignorant to know what the Xbone entails, so they'll still buy it."

JoeReno1961d ago

Gamers are where it all starts, and with major news outlets like Time writting about the Xbox One, the word will spread to all types including soccer moms and the like.

All kinds of publications have a tech section where they review games and new hardware so I wouldnt expect MS to be able to keep all these restrictions under wraps for very long.

rainslacker1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm really getting sick of being called the minority in gaming. The first xbox sold 20 million units, and at no time would I consider that to be a machine that catered to more than the hardcore or maybe the moderates. 20 million is a huge number of people, and those numbers are growing fast as casuals move into the moderates, and moderates move into the hardcore. Gaming has never been bigger, and 20+ million is a large enough number not to be ignored, particularly since we are the ones that likely spend most per capita among the entire spectrum of gamers on these products in the first place.

Edit:While you did distinguish the consumer in general in your post(as pointed out above) I think the article annoyed me in this regard and I felt the need to vent, so I'll also respond to what you said.

Among all electronic/entertainment consumers, yes we are a minority. However, it's also a minority of consumers that feel the need to have extra tech available to use as a remote control, or glorified smart device, which they likely already own, or is built into more convenient tech that they would purchase or already own.

X1 is a game machine. If you insist that it's an entertainment machine, maybe we can just not put news for it up on N4G anymore, since it no longer fits that definition. Right now I don't really see a section for smart device gaming. Would that suit you?

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JetP06191961d ago

sounds like a fat person favoring a hands free system because he is too lazy to pick up the remote and change the tv channel. nothing new here. save yourself from reading this piece of shit article. why did this even get a go to be published here?