Guide: DIY High-End Haswell Gaming PC Build

GamersNexus: "This custom ~$1000 high-end gaming PC build aims to put you in a position to play almost any game currently on the market on maxed or high settings, including the likes of Crysis 3. We've got a "cheap bastard's" build coming out shortly, for those on an ultra budget, and then a normal budget build for the in-betweeners. Buying a pre-built system can't lay a hand to the level of power, customization, and affordability gained in building your own gaming PC -- let's jump to the list."

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hellvaguy2048d ago

Good time to skip this cpu until 2nd gen. High end gamers aren't interested in a chip that has a better integrated gpu and is more power efficient.

Similar to why a lot of people aren't interested in windows 8. Those 2 products are focused on the mobile sector.