Rumor: New info about Destiny of Spirits – PS4 exclusive by From Software

Here’s some potential new information about Destiny of Spirits by From software. Open world game, PS4 exclusive, PlayStation Vita Remote Play functionality and more.

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MrSwankSinatra3471d ago

the nexus??? am i sensing a demon's souls successor. i hope so.....

garos823471d ago

if true this could potentially be massive.

now touch thy demon inside me!

b163o13471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Demon's souls successor would be great, I'd second that.

Let the exclusives begin??

Freak of Nature3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Dark soul's 2 and now a Demon's soul's successor?

And with the full power of the PS4 built from the ground up, all the ambition this studio has shown with the PS3 and now with all this extra horsepower and higher ceiling to create with, makes this quite intriguing...

Miyazaki's new game?

This sounds more like an evolution of the series.

abzdine3471d ago

PS4 is getting all kiiindzzzzz of love from devs and publishers.

ZodTheRipper3471d ago

Demon's Souls successor would be beyond massive, I wouldn't have thought that this could happen anytime soon since they seemed to focus on Dark Souls ...please let this be true!

miyamoto3471d ago

Another Demon's Souls in the making....

Blastoise3471d ago

If this knews is true will it will make my year!

Please be true...Im already super hyped lol

Kevin ButIer3470d ago

Great news, this guys are genius on this kinds on games, yes... nexus is the key word

JoySticksFTW3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I don't buy Day 1 too often.

But if this is a Demon's Souls successor by Miyazaki then

Day F'n One!




Demons's Souls = DS
Dark Souls = DS
Destiny of Spirits = DS

Yes, I'm probably reading too much into it... Simply cause I want this to be true. The more Demon's/Dark Souls, the better.

thechosenone3470d ago

man...they got the info from this pic. I found it over at the sony conference thread on gaf.

starchild3470d ago

Demon's souls sequel would be cool. But I wish so bad From Software would do another Tenchu game or something like it. I know Acquire has the rights to the IP now, but From Software could do something in the same vein.

ThanatosDMC3470d ago

I would prefer that semi open world they introduced with Dark Souls. I like the traveling... though i want the enemies to level up with me because they become a joke afterwards.

PeaSFor3470d ago

insert the "sticky white stuff" joke here

tubers3470d ago

"now touch thy demon inside me!"

*sounds kinky*
*will bite*

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TomOfAllTrades3471d ago

If that were true, tears of joy would stream from my eyes O_O

PeaSFor3470d ago

joy would would also manifest into my pants.

nthstew3471d ago

can this be true... spirits generally means souls so my guess is demon souls 2..
pls pls pls...........

HammadTheBeast3470d ago

• Embark on a crusade through the twisted wastes of the Empyrean, an open world like no other

• Battle monstrous gods and their minions in challenging, skill-driven combat

• Play cooperatively online with up to three other companions, or haunt the worlds of strangers

• Gather materials, build weapons and items from scratch, and customize your gear

• Designed from the ground up for the next-generation PlayStation 4 console

• Take the Empyrean anywhere with PlayStation Vita Remote Play functionality

Sounds pretty much exactly like Demons Souls 2.

MoveTheGlow3470d ago

With co-op? Is this a new Souls and a Monster Hunter killer all in one?

Cam9773471d ago

I preferred DES to DaS. Don't get me wrong, DaS is incredible as I'm on it now but DeS was simply better. I hope it's a DeS successor!

showtimefolks3470d ago

Very excited

Possible successor to demon soul an epic win Sony if you do this

But please give more info or show last guardian, I been waiting for that ga,e forever lol

KwietStorm_BLM3470d ago

An open world Demon's Souls would be better than breakfast in bed

RedHawkX3470d ago

that seals the deal im getting 4 ps4's i hope the rest of you guys preorder or you wont get one for a few years lol.

yeahokchief3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Oh god. I just saw the words FROM SOFTWARE, PS4 and EXCLUSIVE all in the same sentence...

Well, I don't know about you guys, but i'm just goign to be here hitting the refresh button on the preorder page until it goes online.

TopDudeMan3470d ago

Dammit! I didn't want to have to buy a PS4 so soon next gen, but I guess I'm gonna have to.

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Sharius3471d ago

"I shall await thine return, slayer of Demons. I am here for thee and thee only"

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

"Soul of the lost, key to life's ether..
Soul of the lost withdrawn from it's vessel.
Let strength be granted so the world might be mended,

so the world might be mended." <------ Goosebumps.

Every time. Admit it >:(
I don't think i would handle a Demon Souls 2 announcement very well. I would pass out,,, out of sheer joy. Please let it be Demon Souls 2. T-T

Kos-Mos3470d ago

I have that quote as my ringtone. I`m probably crazy, but I feel so warm inside when I hear it.

Skizelli3470d ago

It's "Soul of the mind, key to life's ether." ;)

sherimae24133471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

lol, i knew this news would pop up in here, anyways a bit of info for you guys!

according to neogaf this rumor came from 4chan,
a very unreliable source....
as far as i remember they are also the one who rumored about
"DESTINY of spirits" by bungie, Which was debunked, lol

second, destiny of spirits is trademarked by sony of america on february as for
"computer game software for handheld gaming devices"

so dont get your hopes up ^_^

Silly gameAr3471d ago

Why are you so happy about crushing our dreams? :( You're a monster.

sherimae24133471d ago

sorry, its for the better :p

it would be more crushing if you build up your hype and expectations to 100% and then suddenly its not the one that you expect ^_^

so i better crush your dreams now while its still not getting a momentum :p

Why o why3471d ago

Thank you, my feet are back on the ground...dammit

Silver lining is that there are more exclusives on route. I don't feel so bad for mentioning that word now as it was almost taboo to express a desire for them up until the magic 15 made it kool again o_0

dc13471d ago

I followed the same thing on GAF early this morning.... however I did not want to bring the news here (...because I'm still holding onto hope!)

TomOfAllTrades3471d ago

Well let's just wait and see ^_^

r213470d ago

Actually this new info doesnt have anything connected with Bungie's Destiny. This one is making it seem this new game will be open world successor to Demon's Souls for the ps4.

sherimae24133470d ago

but i have one thing to clarify with you

4chan rumored last month the name "destiny of spirits"
as a spinoff of DESTINY the bungie game for ps vita,
but was debunked the other day

and now 4chan rumored again this title as demon souls successor which according neogaf the trademark is literally fake

now i would ask you woul you believe a rumor that always associated with 4chan,
they have lots of rumors in the past that got debunked


last month many people here doesnt believe me when i say that panopticon trailer for sony is a vita game that was trademarked in japan, but instead they believe themselves that its a ps4 game

look how it ended, it became freedom wars a vita exclusive

so again dont get your hopes up guys

jon12343470d ago

remote play, so techniquely yes

ZoyosJD3470d ago

You could still count me in for a Demons Souls style game for vita.

If it is for PS4 and XB1, I could care less about if it is exclusive or not, MS already signed their death warrant with that 24 hr. online BS.

r213470d ago

Yes, you're right bout that 4chan info however, the trademark thing is real. Sony did trademark the name "Destiny of Spirits", shown from this link here:

So any info of this being related to Bungie's Destiny game is obviously false. This new information on this article could also be false too seeing as the author doesnt state who or what the source is.

Im still hoping this DoS is a vita exclusive though.

Hellsvacancy3470d ago

"Im still hoping this DoS is a vita exclusive though"

Im not because I want to play it, on my PS4!!!

porkChop3470d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure this game is for Vita, not PS4. It could still be a Demon's Souls successor though, which would be nice.

Tony-Red-Grave3470d ago

all my feels are right here >"."< thank you for crushing them.... coulda been worse

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Foxgod3471d ago

Well, and exclusive from them is bound to happen sooner or later, they dont develop for Xbox.

Sevir3470d ago

They supported the 360 with both Ninja Blade and Enchanted Arm. and countless other multiplat games

Shadowsteal3470d ago

Enchanted Arms was on PS3 as well.

Sevir3470d ago

but enchanted Arms came first to the 360...

PirateThom3470d ago

They made Dark Souls. There's a rumour Dark Souls II has exclusive content on 360.

Foxgod3470d ago

Wow, i was wrong, and i got nothing but agree's, and they say n4g isnt full of sony fanboys.....

Why o why3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

@ foxgod. .....LMAO...

You feel N4g is full of sony fans because there are more of us now than there were in 07. As all the fud over the years started to dissipate, the fud flingers started to disperse in their droves.. n4g has gone full circle.

No games, foreman grill, psn crap, losing exclusives,no tripple a, the salez, multiplats inferior...ahh, I remember the days

b3ast3470d ago

And that sucks if true I don't wanna buy for XBlive just to play it on 360 instead of ps3