10 Types Of Gamers You See In FPS Online Play

WC writes: First Person Shooter games have come a long way. Once upon a time, Contra defined the shooter genre. For those of us who are somewhat younger, if we were asked what their favorite shooter game was, we, depending on our preferences, would either say Battlefield, Call of Duty, or even a console exclusive title like something from the Halo or the Killzone series.

Despite all the complex elements in modern console gaming, there’s always the typical gamers that play the game the way in which it was meant to be played, and then… there’s the oddballs, who serve little other purpose than to entertain or infuriate you.

On any given night that you are in a multiplayer game, regardless of genre, you’re going to encounter the unorthodox opponent who defies typical logic and just sticks out in your memory. Have no fear – among the tons of opponents and teammates you have whom are easily forgotten, and just happen to be faces in the crowd, these players will stick out, but aren’t anything new, or unforeseen – they’re just funny. Or in some cases, infuriating, but we’ll get to that later.

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