Bill Tiller - A Vampyre Story: Year One Interview

AG: You might not recognize Bill Tiller if you met him on the street, but many adventure fans can instantly identify the work of this highly acclaimed artist behind LucasArts classics The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island. Since forming his own company, Autumn Moon Entertainment, Tiller has brought his distinctive visual style to another pair of adventures, A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. But what's next? Over a year has passed since Bill first tweeted about a Kickstarter campaign for A Vampyre Story: Year One, and finally, after plenty of delays, the campaign has started (and could use more support). This provided the perfect opportunity for an in-depth chat with the father of Mona and Froderick to discuss AVS, Kickstarter, and the recently-defunct LucasArts.

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