Microsoft Preparing To Take Legal Action Against Sony.

"We hear Microsoft ain't too happy about this chart either and is preparing certain legal action, namely because it could be misleading to otherwise unwitting retail employees selling customers game consoles this holiday season."

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Deceased6185d ago

Microsoft send them to their grave, you guys may never see a PS3. After this lawsuit Sony is over. Microsoft can afford the best legal tema in the world to tear Sony apart.

unleash bass6185d ago

Sony could do without this, somebody's head will roll for this. They're too big a firm to be making silly mistakes like this.

What are they playing at?

Capt CHAOS6185d ago

Not very clever or nice on Sony's part. Since when did MS do anything so low to Sony??

lalaland6184d ago (Edited 6184d ago )

They did write this article for IGN:


That one was absolutely bull**** with not a single piece of reality to it.

Most of Sony's claims are actually quite valid, as the chart is meant to compare what you get for your buck.

1. To get even the slightest taste of XBL you will need a storage device for your X360.

2. To play online you will need an additional XBL Gold membership.

Most if not all of X360's marketing is about online gaming, gaming with your friends online, chatting online. But you can't do any of these on the X360 core edition as is.

X360 marketing is also very proud of the fact that the X360 has wireless controllers, although they again are not available in the X360 core edition.

And now X360 marketing is pushing their HD-DVD drive, which just adds another costly peripheral to ones shopping basket.

Does anyone here actually use the X360 core as is? No extra peripherals?

In my oppinion it is MS marketing that is full of bull... I personnaly ended up buying the equivalent of a $630 X360 (extra controller, batterypacks, wifi, xbl gold) -- although in my currency it was much more expensive. I'm not gonna play it online for much longer (well, actually I haven't played it for quite a while, since my gf won't let me have it permanently in the living room -- it is too ugly and noisy she says), unless GoW really impresses me, so I think I'll save the $50 for Gold this year.

daboosa6185d ago

they wont get anywhere its true facts! the fact sony put it together mite be an issue but they will only get a slap on the bum! I dought that microsoft even has a case its not for the retailers its for the consumers so microsoft get stuffed lol they are about to cry cause PS3 is better hahahaha

frostbite066185d ago

Its true, i paid $700 for my 360....NOT!

Balance6185d ago

yeah MS has an army of lawyers on staff (MS gets sued all the time for anti-trust). definitly not a company you want to piss off leagally.

daboosa6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

u think u know it all y are on this web site wishing u waited a year longer 4 a PS3 i know i will be playing on my PS3 not agueing itsbetter! whos Knocked out now!

ps u havent argued my point at all it still wont win the case (its a crap case also stuped a petti) and sony dont say that its better than the xbox 360 because they dont need to lol

THWIP6185d ago

...you should change your name to proudtobearetard. :|

USMChardcharger6185d ago

did you mean not to make any sense?

THAMMER16185d ago

You get knocked the FU(K OUT!!!