The Nintendo @E3 2013 Miiverse Community Is The Best Market Research Tool Nintendo’s Ever Had What can Nintendo learn from what Miiverse users are saying on the special E3 2013 community?

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Myst2010d ago

I know it has been great, so far. I know my posts consisted of an online Mario Party as well as a Crystal Chronicles.

zinger_AU2010d ago

yes id love an online mario party too, but i have a feeling they will rest the series for a while especially considering game and wario is coming

kirbyu2010d ago

I am most definitely on the E3 Hype Train, and my body is most definitely ready.

_QQ_2009d ago

Everyone on their is asking for Starfox sohopefully Nintendo gets the message.

silvananoir2009d ago

How do you think Earthbound got a release. Because fans flooded the Mii-verse.

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