Why is Metal Gear Solid 5 Voice Change a Slap in the Face of Longtime MGS Fans

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Donnieboi1957d ago

I trust Kojima. All may not appear to be how it seems.

Either way, I buy a game for the full package, not so it can coddle my old-time favorite voice actor, even when the game director feels like moving onto a new voice talent.

Besides, Hayter might still secretly be in the game as Solid Snake (Naked Snake's clone-son).

Give Kojima a chance. He never goes out of his way just to anger fans.

Now let's all just stop crying about it, and wait to see how this pans out.

PopRocks3591957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Part of my issue is David Hayter's seemingly royal shaft from the franchise as a whole. It comes off as disrespectful to someone who had a hand in making the franchise iconic to western gamers.

So I respectfully disagree; the stink fans are making, in my opinion at least, is totally justified.

@Donnieboi below

I'm just going off of what I know lol. Right now it seems the voice switch is totally finalized and if so, I have lost a lot of respect for Kojima because of it. Hayter is part of the reason MGS is so popular, and as far as I am concerned it is outright disrespectful to just bump him off like that.

Furthermore, it annoys me to no end that rather than going with Doyle, at the friggin' least, they decide to go with some gruffy celebrity (from the show 24 I think?) with no prior connection to the series.

If this is truly the direction Kojima wants to take and the fans are into it, good for all of them, respect. However, I for one am 100% not interested.

This is of course IF we wait and see and everything is exactly as it seems. Frankly I'm a tad tired of the trolling/waiting game these guys keep playing.

Donnieboi1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I hear what your saying, but look at how many times we've been trolled by both Kojima and Hayter.

WHY would Kojima get rid of Hayter in such a cold, calculating way? It makes no sense. I mean, Kojima is seemingly treating David as if he slept with his wife behind his back.

That's not like Kojima at all. And the rage he's getting from fans is immense. So why would Kojima really risk all of this? I am of the opinion that Hayter will have a huge role, but not as Naked Snake.

But of course we can't go by my personal, seemingly over-optimistic hopes. We can only wait and see. But one other thing IS for certain: That we've been trolled HARD by Kojima in the past. And this could possibly be another trolling. Especially considering the fan-feedback, I honestly can't believe Kojima would truly be this harsh.

But in the end, all we can do is wait. I choose to look at the possibility that this may well just be another trolling on Kojima's part (since he does that a lot and also hates to disappoint fans).

I love Hayter too, and i'm the probably one of the biggest MGS fans on N4G (of course, Nyxus is probably #1 lol). So yeah it hurts to see him go in such a harsh manner. But something inside of me isn't convinced that Kojima would really be that harsh (especially so publicly--without talking to David first).

Donnieboi1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@Poprocks: Response to your second edit:

Ok i'll spill the beans about what i'm thinking. I think that Keifer is not really Big Boss. I think he is a reflection of Big Boss, who we will play as. Why? Because the first two trailers had Sutherlands voice as the guy in the bandages who was helping Big Boss escape the medical facility. So, it is obviously a trick. YES, we will use a character who thinks he is Big Boss--but he won't really be him (still just my opinion).

The reasons why I THINK this is the case is because Kojima was putting up posters of a mirror image snake all over Japan after the first Ground Zeroes reveal. It hinted that the Snake we see, is not the Snake we are getting. This reminds me of Big Boss's perfect clone--Solidus. Solidus is a perfect clone, not a child like Solid and Liquid.

Also, we have the whole Kiefer voice for the bandaged guy, which is senseless if Sutherland is also going to be Big Boss.Finally, if you noticed in the trailers, all of the other people in the medical facility were getting slaughtered--but the only one's with the proper stealth skills to escape the facility were the bandaged man, and Big Boss. In fact, the bandaged-mans skills were quite impressive.

Just my opinion. But one thing is for sure--hearing the bandaged man speak to Big Boss, using the same voice for both characters (both voiced by Sutherland), would be the strangest and dumbest thing we would ever see Kojima do. There is a lot more to this than we see now. Kojima is definitely up to something quite mysterious, especially if he cast the bandaged man AND Snake with the SAME voice actor.

Edit: I'm also sick and tired of the waiting/trolling that Kojima does. We waited long enough, we deserve the truth. However, if Hayter really is expected to return as a young Solid Snake, then we have to be prepared for the possibility that Kojima might not ever tell us of Hayter's involvement--not until post-release (as to avoid any spoilers).

Also as a side note: Solid Snake (the clone of Big Boss) was given the same first name as his voice-actor (David). Imagine how wierd that would be when we here Solid being called David, when the voice actor who voiced him for years was treated so arshly by Kojima....I'm sure that must've crossed Kojima's mind. That's why I have a hard time believing Kojima didn't see that issue arising ahead of his "firing" of Hayter. I think this whole Hayter vs Kojima thing is a big troll. I think he'll secretly return as Solid (the son).

Imalwaysright1957d ago

You're entitled to your opinion and to voice it as many times as you can... but I can't help to question the reasons why you played MGS series when you say that you're 100% not interested in MGS5. It looks to me that you're narrowing MGS immense quality down to a voice actor and as a long time fan of the series I just don't get it.

Its like saying that David Hayter is MGS completely disregarding everything else that makes MGS one of the most beloved franchises in this industry. Kojima is MGS, not David Hayter and as much as it may suck not having Hayter voicing Big Boss, I have no doubt that MGS 5 will be a masterpiece.

morganfell1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

This article should read "Why Fans That Pretend To Like Metal Gear And Trust Kojima Are Slapping Him In The Face"

The best part of this entire affair was the dignity that Hayter demonstrated....right. Not really the guy that I want playing any Snake.

People seem sure that Kojima had an ulterior motive for replacing Hayter. Okay, run with that idea.There may have been an entire issue behind all of this to which no one outside Kojima, Hayter, and a few people at Kojipro were privy.

Did it ever occur to anyone that the maturity, or rather lack thereof, demonstrated by Hayter thus far is an indicator of how he may have acted during negotiations with Kojima?

Has anyone paused to think that perhaps the story we have heard from Kojima as to why he changed voice actors might at the end of the day be a favor to Hayter rather than stating what really occurred?

Look at Kojima and Hayter and make a logical deduction. One of them has publicly acted like a jerk. Which one was it?

Besides, it's Kojima. It's truly absurd to act as if Kojima walks on water at every turn and then attack him over this decision. On this most have done nothing but disparage his judgement.

I have been a hardcore MG fan longer than most as I have played the titles since Metal Gear and the reality I am likely older than most people here with many not having been born when Metal Gear was released.

Personally I never cared for Hayter as Big Boss because I felt it was wrong from a canon point of view. Neither Solid nor Liquid are direct clones of Big Boss. Their DNA was highly manipulated. Only Solidus was a perfect and direct clone. But, after a fashion, the voice worked in MGS3. I trusted Kojima's decision. However, as we have seen in MGS4, voices change over time.

Richard Doyle's performance as Big Boss was perfect.

And apparently Kojima's remarks concerning the need for Boss to express more with a look or a glance has been lost in the midst of anger that is no more mature than the actions by Hayter himself.

I have always trusted Kojima when it comes to Metal Gear. Unlike George Lucas, he has only become better when it comes to expanding his creation. And I trust him now.

As for a surprise appearance by Hayter I do not believe that will happen. Hayter's public comments haven't just been words of regret but rather they have encompassed remarks that directly disparage the game and even Sutherland himself. Childish really.

Metal Gear is Kojima's universe and we just live in it. I for one am greatly anticipating MGS5 and Ground Zeroes.

cpayne931957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@Imalwaysright Hayter isn't everything that makes mgs great, but he is a HUGE part of its personality, its ethos. Ground Zeroes just won't be the same without him, if he isn't there.

But still, it is mgs, so I'll probably have to buy it. Worst part though is if its true on how Hayter got the shaft.

Imalwaysright1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ Cpayne It depends on why you think Big Boss is a charismatic character and to me its not his voice. IMO Big Boss is 98% Kojima and 2%Hayter and that is why I don't really care who voices it. Even if I did care I wouldn't miss out on a MGS game because Kojima decided to change a voice actor. I'm a MGS fan, not a David Hayter fan.

Joe9131957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

How is it justified if you really do not know for sure Hayter isn't in the game game it do not matter to me if he is or not any more and that's due to all the cry babies I never in my life played a game for the voice and won't start now it sucks but if you play games for the voice acting why buy the game when you can listen to the voice on YouTube lol I do hope he is in it so ppl like you will look stupid for judging to early he should have pulled a mgs 2 and with raiden and not said anything on top of that he said he was going to do something and was sure it was going to upset fan and cause mgsV to flop everyone said go for we will buy the game anyway now that he did it ppl are going crazy and I say ppl not fans cause if you where a fan of mgs then this should not be a big deal if you are boycotting the game for Hayter then don't that make you more of a Hayter fan and not a Mgs fan.

ThanatosDMC1957d ago

I disagree since he doesnt look anything close to "Snake" anymore and more of the old man we see in MGS4 with Zero on the wheelchair. David Hayter doesnt seem to have a problem with it, so why would you?

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MizTv1957d ago

Your right
I'm over it and I just want to play the damn game

Blacktric1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"He never goes out of his way just to anger fans."

Right... Because stuff like Raiden switcharoo in MGS 2 and MGS 4 epilogue is a testament to that.

Donnieboi1957d ago

I don't think that was intentional. But good point, none the less lol

finbars751957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Just watch the Gametrailers interview with Hideo last friday morning and it explains why keifer Sutherland was the choice of Snake.It actually makes a lot of sense for him to change it up.Remember Snake is alot older in MGS5 and its made very clear by Hideo.I see where he is going with the franchise and respect him for that decision.

PopRocks3591956d ago

There's nothing sensible about it. Yes, it's an older Snake, but this is Naked Snake, AKA Big Boss who was voiced as an old man by Richard Doyle in Metal Gear Solid IV.

Furthermore, if changing his voice to reflect his age is so crucial, why the hell is the Japanese voice still the same? I call shenanigans.

MikeMyers1957d ago

This is just another example of some gamers feeling entitled and afraid of change.

Elimin81956d ago

I get all the ups and down and what ifs and changing of actors and fans panty twist.. But what if god forbid theres a hayter accident? would you not rather they get a new actor rather than scrap the whole thing? Believe me I know it hurts some but change is good? They can try and match his voice or take it in a new direction which is what I think they're doing.. I think it'll be fine.. Hell David just might show up in the game.. I just don't like to see gamers or fans quit a game or franchise so easy...

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Dunpeal1957d ago


new voiceover will not stop ppl from buying this game. crybabies need to get over it already

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Cam9771957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I still remember the concluding graveyard scene in MGS4 with the gunshot and then the salute.
I've never cried so much at a game before.

I even cried during the Liquid fight, all of those songs being revived and comprised together thus implying this is the end.

MGS4 is an epic, tear-filled journey.

thepluggy1957d ago

sounds like a lot of crying going on.

TechnicianTed1957d ago

Well MGS5 is going to be an epic, tear-filled journey as well. Some of the fans have started crying already.

SolidFenix861957d ago

Oh good god, would all the people complaining like a tissue? How about a crowbar to pry yourselves from hayters sack?

You guys are more upset than hayter himself lol

1957d ago
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