New Madden 25 screenshots released by EA Sports

EA Sports has released a collection of screenshots from the upcoming NFL video game Madden 25.

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Tuxmask551956d ago

Yup - looks like Madden.

coolmast3r1956d ago

Yep, it does. I've done some rocket science level research in cooperation with some British scientists and I can surely tell it's Madden. At least we think so.

RBdrift1956d ago

wow,its intriguing how they manage to push out the exact same game year after year.

HexxedAvenger1956d ago

Here's the shocker... People will buy the same game, year after year.

Tuxmask551956d ago

I buy Madden, sure. I don't buy it every year. I wait three or four seasons before doing so. I figure that's enough time for a reasonable amount of changes to occur other than just team rosters.

Thirty3Three1956d ago

Is this a PS3/360 title? Or a next-gen one? It looks PS3/360-esque.

MikeyDucati11956d ago

And this why I say healthy competition is needed. Just look at those pictures!! I see nothing better than the last Madden that was out! This is why competition is needed in the market to promote innovation. Can somebody tell me when their exclusivity contract with NFL is done?

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The story is too old to be commented.