Mad Catz MOJO Will Change Next-Gen

Hardcore Gamer: Instead of major companies dominating the industry, this will be a generation that allows people from pretty much any income level to enjoy gaming - with the OUYA, Gamestick and now MOJO.

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SpitTake1958d ago

I heard this about the OUYA, and it didn't happen.

zeal0us1957d ago

Yep mainly because there really isn't a demand for android console. Ouya already outdated far as hardware goes. Mojo time it launches it will be using outdated hardware.

On the software side(game-wise) these devices really don't offer anything new that your smartphone doesn't already have.

I guess they will make for get media streaming and emulation devices.

Chapter111957d ago

The Ouya isn't even out yet, just the units to early backers.

xc7x1958d ago

it will change it to one more console on the market but games make the change,not the console alone.

kingPoS1957d ago

Jeez next gen sure is getting crowded.

Agent_hitman1957d ago

Nothing serious guys. That device is just like OUYA, the android based platform for games...

MisfitsInc1957d ago

im not interested. i tried to show some attention to the Ouya, but it fell off my radar a while ago

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The story is too old to be commented.