Microsoft Denies Hiring Marketers To Vote-Cheat Negative Xbox One Reddit Threads

Gaming Blend "Information in a post on Reddit that was on the tip of going viral has been deleted. The poster, MistySilver, made some bold claims that were partially corroborated by other paid marketers on the thread. Several websites reached out to Microsoft for clarification and Microsoft responded."

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majiebeast2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Just like they are denying being part of Prism. Guess what corporations lie.

He was probably laughing his ass off when he typed that.

US8F2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I can't understand people supporting liars. Are we that low? It's like someone coming to you and says we don't care what you think but we are going to use you and you are going to pay us for it. Pathetic

theBAWSE2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Microsoft are scum

they denied Phil was telling the truth about checking in 24 hours and the no game lending ....only for it to be confirmed weeks later.

ill never believe a company that has abandoned both its consoles in a row for its newer iteration .. Where's 360s swansong aka last of us? Infact wheres 360s AAA exclusives for the past TWO years?

paying off companies to not show multiplat games on ps4 because your first party is lacking..its just all show with ms no substance...I wouldn't put anything past Microsoft....oh btw windows phone is shite aswell

Gildarts2055d ago

Facebook denied it google apple all the big corporations denied having any part of it.
zuckerberg said he never even heard about PRISM until yesterday. He was outraged.

me?? I don't believe any of that crap. And even if they are all blatantly lying. This PRISM thing has been in effect for years, has it in any way effected you? No. So why should it now?

And if you're a Sony fanboy i got news for you.

Sony would also be a part of it since they have PSN. And even more since their nextgen PSN uses Facebook.

Boody-Bandit2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

What does Facebook, Apple, Google, or any other corporation have to do with majiebeast wrote? Nothing. You are deferring blame and doing the old 2 wrongs make a right excuse.

So MB's point remains valid.
Yours is just trying to excuse MS.

Why would anyone back MS with what they are trying to do to this industry with the X1? I simply just can't comprehend that at all and I have been a HUGE 360/XBOX gamer the past decade plus. But even I have my limits. MS has pushed far beyond what I'm willing to take.

They have become a cancer.

Why o why2055d ago

Another day another shill

Somebody put this up the other day. Interesting read and oh so relevant

stuna12055d ago

No offense! But you sound like one of the "SHILLS" everyone is talking about! Every issue that has been talked about, there yyou are trying to defer the blame on to something else.

We as gamers do at times defend our gaming preferences, but when their wrong their wrong.

Montrealien2055d ago

Just using the word shill is, scary. This is a sad day for videogame discussions, where if you dissagree, or are not part of the people who agree, you are nnothing but a shill.


Clarence2055d ago

How much are they paying you!

Why o why2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

No montrealien, there are people like yourself and many others who are fans who prefer the 360, but there are some guys like jek porkins and a few others kinda like the guy above who are constantly on the defensive or deflective. Can never say or express any issue with x brand even after what has transpired.

I understand being an optimist but I was on a android forum where a htc shill, acting the same way got exposed......I thought htc were skint, point being it doesn't cost a lot to send people in to manipulate opinions via social media. Samsung and apple do it, I'm sure sony do too but knowing what I know and have seen from ms, I wouldn't bet against them doing it too, especially because of the reaction to their reveal. Too many coincidental sign ups.

Tin foil hat material......maybe, but some of these correlations are too hard to ignore. There may only be a few on n4g but there are people who get labelled as fanboys who aren't....shill is the new label; ) all in good fun of course.

Montrealien2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

As long as you understand being an Optimist bud. Shill are not good and pointintg them out is good. Butlet's face it, there is a good chance more people will be falsely labeled a shill then correctly.

btw, I like all consoles, and hate all hate. :)

Montrealien2054d ago

this guy created an account just to poste this and send me a very unfriendly pm, and then closed his account. ahhhh, a next gen of gaming has begun I see. lol

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thechosenone2055d ago

What else do you expect them to say of course they're going to deny it.

SilentNegotiator2055d ago

Why should we believe Microsoft? They set up employees to fake crowd applause at the reveal, why not fake positivity on other fronts?

kenshiro1002055d ago

Giggling at that picture again.

But I would not be surprised by Microsoft's lies.

Godlovesgamers2055d ago

Wow! Thanks for the note about Prism, I actually hadn't heard of it (though I knew such a programs existed).

For ANYONE who cares about their privacy at all, this is definitely something you should check out!!

Bzone242055d ago

Doesn't matter if they did or not. Some random person on the Internet said they did without any proof so it must be true. You can't post anything on the Internet that isn't true. Right?

stuna12054d ago

That's funny in the commercial, but in real life not so much!

SpideySpeakz2054d ago

Funny how they reacted so fast to this. The only way they could have knew is if they were already on Reddit. What were they doing on Reddit?

Bzone242054d ago

I wasn't on reddit but I found out about it.

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dedicatedtogamers2055d ago

Major Nelson following May 21st reveal:

"Believe me! We're listening to all of your concerns"

June 6th Microsoft reveals that everything is exactly what we feared.

Major Nelson:


Rusty5152055d ago ShowReplies(2)
fr0sty2055d ago

Yeah, that was MS seeing Sony get all that positive press by telling the gamers they were listening to their concerns about DRM, and jumping in at the last minute to say "Me too!" with their fingers crossed behind their back.

Gildarts2055d ago

That's exactly what I expect. Sony will have similar if not exactly the same policies.

fr0sty2055d ago

Sony has already confirmed a net connection is not required, and also has said the Ps4 will play used games. The only way to do used game DRM is for your console to upload a code identifying that specific copy of the game to Sony's servers. The PS4 will have no way of telling if the disc you put into it has ever been played before without requiring you to connect to the internet to verify.

Sony has said they'll allow publishers to do as they please regarding DRM, but that is no different than the way things currently are. Pubs were free to implement online passes and such this gen.

T22055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Everyone posting this crap like gildarts should be bubbled down for trolling. Sony made it clear what their policies are and all this " Sony too" and purposely clouding what they have said is trolling pure and simple... If Sony lets devs put drm on their games , we can boycott those devs ...see frosty s post for actual info

Why o why2055d ago

Waaaay too many 'them too', 'all of us' shill type comments. Sony said the system can operate without a net connection so why do people still group ms and sony together...

Are these people hoping its true, projecting almost...leave it out, you're on your own mateys BUT if you guys need a few extra thousand mfs helping with a petition ormwhat have you, I'm sure we would help in large numbers....We don't want this to turn into the norm or even considered by sony no matter how much stick some of us give.... This crap affects us all.

Bigger than a console war

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Karpetburnz2055d ago

And they disabled the YouTube comments, they say they're listening, but we know that's a lie.

Anon19742055d ago

What would have been more surprising was if Microsoft said "Of course we hire people to spread PR in online forums. Everyone does it."

Honestly, what are they going to say? They're either going to deny or ignore but everyone knows they're out there. We're not stupid, and neither are these companies. They know how important it is to get their message out to their demographics.

a_squirrel2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Even Google comes out and says stuff. People ask them questions and they just come out and say it. Sony teases and jokes but doesn't usually make a statement until it actually is time.

But Microsoft? Denying everything, even pointing at the publishers and retail. Have you read their used game policy? Ridiculous.

Agent_00_Revan2055d ago

And their not monitoring what Kinect hears
And their not blocking used games
And they care about the gamers...

Gildarts2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

They gave us a billion dollars. I think they care quite a lot about us.

I mean that they invested 1 billion dollars for us.

You ps4 fanboys are trying to spin that into something negative somehow haha.

ApolloTheBoss2055d ago

Oh yes every gamer is enjoying his or her mansion in outer space right now.

Agent_00_Revan2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

They invested a billion for us? No, they invested a billion for their business and their hopeful profit margin.

Karpetburnz2055d ago

Clearly you're unfamiliar with the world class gaming Sony has to offer, just sit back and embrace Sony, just like how they embrace their fans, love to learn and learn to love, The Playstation way. Thank you Sony.


Completelly forgot about that one... Gotta e-mail MS my adress again, their check never hitted my mailbox.

latincooker2142055d ago

wow and what's sad Gildarts is you really believe that. hey good luck to you with your XBOX 1.

PsnGammer212055d ago

1 billion spent on shit exsclusives like gears, fable and forza. Don't get me wrong loved fable one after that it went to shit. Halo is only real good franchise on Xbox and 4 wasn't that good compared to the others. Also 99% sure that 85% that billion is arcade and kinect and the rest being the other fours franchises. While playstation everything they put out is amazing meaning their exsclusives. Sorry but black box 2 will fucking suck massive donkey dick and I am a Sony fanboy but love my Xbox to just I've been as a gamer been let down for last 4 years of xbox. So there is my opinion, but just because I put in that I'm a sonyboy everyone will write this off lol.

Narutone662055d ago

Actually, they invested billions for marketing and PR bullsh*t. Those money should have been spent developing more games.

solidjun52055d ago

"You ps4 fanboys are trying to spin that into something negative somehow haha."

No one has to spin it into something negative. The negativity speaks for itself. And that's without kinect.

SpinalRemains2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


A billion for you huh? You're going to buy a restrictive machine with inferior specs and Kinect!

Keep ur billion. SONY owners will be playing the GOTY in a few days, which will probably be better than any game your going to get on Xbox One lol.

You really don't get it. But you got a billion. So why are you going to give them money?

onanie2055d ago


R. U. Puking. Kidding?

rezzah2055d ago

They invested for themselves.

kenshiro1002055d ago

You sound like a Microsoft employee right now. You do realize that no one is agreeing with you, right?

ShwankyShpanky2055d ago

When can I expect my check?

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ACEMANWISE2055d ago ShowReplies(8)
Gamesgbkiller2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Did you expect them to say ..

Yes we hired some guys to make good comments for XBOX.

gano2055d ago

And show nuff, people here are doing exactly what they said.
Bringing up sony when talking about ms.
trying to compare features on some, "since ms do it sony will too" type lalalala talk.
How could peeple think because they get paid for promoting failure,
i'll drag everyone into a failure state.
Yea, those cars dont blow up," even tho i lost my cousin in one"
im paid so its the safest thing on the market.