How To Beat The Miami Heat In "NBA 2K13"

Complex - here are fairly straightforward ways to beat the Miami Heat in NBA 2K13. If you’re playing the computer, you can abuse the difficulty or the sliders and even if you don’t, the AI will almost inevitably fail to use LeBron and co. in the ways that make them so deadly in real life. And if you’re playing a human opponent, chances are they’ll play the Heat a lot more like the Heat team that lost to the Mavericks in the Finals than the one we’ve seen this season: lots of isos for James and without much specific attention to the defensive end.

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SactoGamer1984d ago

Step one: Play as the San Antonio Spurs.

LackTrue4K1983d ago

is this a real article?????

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1983d ago

"How To Beat The Miami Heat"

air conditioning.

dcortz20271983d ago

LOL I was thinking the same thing haha, not a Spurs fan, but would love to see them smash the Heat!!

doi1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

i've heard there's a new feature for the next installment that you can flop and Lebron's rating for it is max!

iPad1983d ago

Be good at the game and you'll beat the Heat.

2pacalypsenow1983d ago

Theres no way to beat a team you are either good or you're bad.. and in 2k13 the computer makes the most impossible shots defense is useless

giovonni1983d ago

Beating the heat in 2k13 is easy. Play 3 2 zone and force them to take shots and place your strategy to crashing the boards and double teaming, and you will beat them. I was down 3-0 in the playoffs switched to those defaults, and won the series. The heat aren't a good jump shooting team so limit them to take shots outside the paint

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