Microsoft Flashes Some Ankle On Xbox One Game Resale And Gifting

Forbes - Not to be outdone by the state security apparatus’ sudden commitment to telling us every bad thing we ever suspected them of doing, Microsoft MSFT +2.06% revealed elements of its plan for the Xbox One’s online, Kinect and licensing structure on Thursday, in three posts to Xbox Wire, the Xbox news service. The three updates genuinely deserve further reading, and can be found at these locations.

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SmokingMonkey1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

What's that hole on the side for?

On topic:

I hate the 24 hour sign in requirement concept the most.

S2Killinit1962d ago

link to the power brick and outlet.

SmokingMonkey1962d ago

If true that's fugly as hell.

Plus, no vertical tower option.

mario191962d ago

Poison gas

Microsoft customers, join the Playstation brand. You will like it

TheSauce1962d ago

if N4G has taught me anything about the playstation community, I think I'd rather go to PC

Information Minister1962d ago

The Microsoft community on this website has been begging Microsoft to take away their money, along with their rights, and you think Playstation fans are bad?

If Sony or Nintendo showed us a console with the same restrictions as the Xbox One, they would be crucified by the media. But Microsoft?... They get half the media to do the damage control for them. And some of the spins I've seen would make a trained astronaut dizzy.

Codeman4201962d ago

that hole on the side is actually another USB port.

SmokingMonkey1962d ago

That sounds much better, thank you.

MrSwankSinatra1962d ago

that hole is for you to bone the xbox like microsoft is boning the consumers.

peowpeow1962d ago

I hope there's no power brick.. :S

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S2Killinit1962d ago

Niice Microsoft. So not only are you going to be spying on us, but then you will share it too. Hmmmmmm good to know.

UNGR1962d ago

You really think anybody gives a crap about you in your Doritos covered man cave? Remove the tinfoil hat and let your head get some air. Nobody is spying on you, it has zero practical use.

S2Killinit1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

First of all, don't be rude. Secondly, I don't eat Doritos. and lastly, yes they do and you gotta be real special to think that "Spying" refers to espionage. They want to gather information from people about their behavior (Microsoft pretty much announced this info)and a camera in my house is one step too far. Besides haven't you been reading the news lately? Here let me give you a little crash course into what's been happening while you had your "tinfoil hat" off. Microsoft is one of the handful of companies inside the PRISM program that was leaked only recently.
You need to read more buddy.

Agent_hitman1962d ago

Rumor: The only pizza toppings you can order on the next XBOX at launch will be margarita and Hawaiian. Pepperoni is expected Holiday 2014

mario191962d ago

Bonez n' Pizza my favorite

Pinkdolphin1962d ago

Guys i know its hard but lets try to be rational and think this out for a bit. Im pretty sure these policies hurt microsoft the same way its hurting us and they know that im pretty sure they expected this to happen and would cause a serious backlash amongst gamers since they would rather sell a couple more consoles than lose a sales from their first party line up from "piracy". They were obviously pressured by publishers and now are doing damage control by trying to push "the cloud is better, connected is good" to brainwash us. What microsoft did wrong was come out and told everyone yea we have drm so now sony can play the good guys. I mean lets be real here sony saying they will leave it up to the publisher is confirmation of DRM but putting the blame on the publishers which was exactly what microsoft should of said. Im pretty sure if you asked EA "hey its up to you if you want to allow your games to be able to be pirated or not" they will pick always online. It's happening right now look at watchdogs by ubisoft that game is an always online primarily single player game which ubi dubs as "better connected"=DRM. So imo this backlash against microsoft is moot and pointless.

just-joe1962d ago

Fighting piracy is a losing battle with a result that only hurt law bidding consumers. Pirates will always find a way to get around these things because and they were never gonna buy the game to begin with.

gamertk4211962d ago

@pinkdolphin There's no room for lucid analysis here. Comeuppance will be glorious.

Grimhammer001962d ago

Yes......but watchdogs has unique mp components I your single player game.
And it has more traditional mp too.

But your point is on point

S2Killinit1962d ago

I think its more like Microsoft wanted to one up Sony by giving publishers what they want and screwing the consumer since we don't get to have a say. Well, at least that's what they were hoping for.

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Bakkies1962d ago

"This promises to be an interesting E3. We may even get some answers. Failing that, if the NSA already has all this information, we should eventually be able to make FOIA requests."

Hahaha, good one.

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