Why GameStop Is Still In Trouble After Microsoft's Used Game Clarifications

Forbes - GameStop stock is up since Microsoft’s used game announcement yesterday, but it won’t last.

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gamer421958d ago

I get so confused when I see gamestop defend microsoft on the used game situation. If anyone would be against I would think Gamestop. Why would gamestop support something that can potentially damge them financially, since their whole business plan revolves around used games? Sure, MS will let them have a way to trade games, but what good is it if Publishers won't allow their games to be traded in, in the first place? Is MS not telling Gamestop the whole truth?

Rusty5151958d ago

I think there's a lot more bullshit about the xbone that we don't know about. Think about it, we wouldn't have even known about it being always online or having used game fees (at this point in time) if it wasn't for those rumors. Those rumors caused us to ask questions basically forcing Microsoft to spill the beans. They wouldn't have mentioned this so soon if it weren't for the rumors. Imagine the cons of the xbone that HAVENT been rumored and we don't know about yet? I think GameStop knows something that we don't.

mario191958d ago

I am pretty sure, one more con, of any sort with the Xbone and this thing is over. And by looking at the Xbone's status, there is most likely going to be ANOTHER negative

ThanatosDMC1958d ago

Angry Joe's rant about the article MS released about XBone.

cleft51958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Gamestop thinks that they will corner the market on used games sales. Allowing them to buy game for a lot less than they already do and make a greater profit. It will work out like that for a bit, than one major publisher of a big name game will outright block used games sales of their game. Probably an EA game or an Activision game. They will justify it by saying that they will allow used game sales after a few weeks and they probably will, but that will be the beginning of the end. People will accept the measure and they will do the same thing for the next game only it will be a longer wait. Other developers will follow suit and boom, just like that it is the beginning of the end.

gamer421958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Why do we have to accept it? I thought we were the consumer who gave them our money? Why would we give them money for something that can potentially screw every gamer, hardcore and casual, over? We control what we buy, we don't need to give MS our hard earned cash for this garbage! They'll only learn when they see their decisions are stopping the river of cash from going into their pockets for the xbox.

zeal0us1958d ago

Gamestop thinks about it survival first and they are willing to be bend over and take it from Microsoft.

Gamestop can come out say they won't offer any Xbox One games and or console at their store. Which would result in loss of possible profits. Now they can say they will support Microsoft, offer Xbox One games and pay MS fee for used games. Which result in Gamestop still making some money rather than no at all(as far next gen goes for MS products).

People tend to forget Gamestop is a business first. They want to survive long as possible regardless what the requirements companies like MS shot at them.

Beside they will continue to operate like they normally have. Give you less for your games and sell them for more.

showtimefolks1958d ago

for the first time ever maybe Patcher said if a publishers is dumb enough to clock used games than they will see a huge backlash against all their games

we will see hopefully E3 will clear some stuff up

Darrius Cole1958d ago

@gamer42 and others

All warfare is based on deception. Unless Sony has been outright lying about the PS4 GameStop will heavily favor the PS4 over the Xbone. But GameStop can not appear to be impartial. They have to appear to be impartial and to carry the Xbone because they want to be seen as a source of information about the Xbone and they want to be the people's first stop for for all things gaming.

But when the people actually go into the store GameStop will do everything in their power to sell the PS4. But they can't say that out loud.

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001958d ago

sleep with the enemy and royally screw the consumers.

That sounds like a brilliant plan guys.

BattleAxe1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

GameStop needs to abandon the Xbox One fast. If Sony comes out with a used game friendly system, then GameStop will be able to heavily promote Nintendo and Sony, and that will save their business and keep them viable for quite some time to come.

PSP, Vita, 3DS, PS3, PS4, and WiiU would carry the company just fine. I think this kind of move would hurt Microsoft far more than GameStop. They could still continue to milk both new and used 360s, although if I were GameStop, I wouldn't want to feed Xbox Live any new customers, so the best bet would be to get rid of Microsoft's products all together.

It would be great if GameStop could find some way to get more involved in the PC market, but I'm not too sure how they would go about doing that. Maybe they could develop a better relationship with Steam, and perhaps Valve could come out with a re-usable CD Key for physical games or something, where you have to use Steam to play the game, and that key could only be tied to one account at any one time. If it is possible to do this, then this would be a great way to bring PC gaming firmly into the mainstream.

strigoi8141958d ago

if they are really want money to go to developers kill gamestop...or talk to them that for every re-sell of a game 70/30 or 60/40 sharing

mario191958d ago

I wish I understood what you just said. It seems to me like you are saying.

If Microsoft wants money they would go to develops to kill Gamestop. Or they would talk to them for sales of a game, Oh forget it, you make no sense

just-joe1958d ago

Because they're gonna support Microsoft in their dick practices which is perhaps the worst thing for them seeing as their not exactly in the best light with consumers. Maybe if Gamestop took a stand and said they wouldn't support this crap, they could came out looking like the good guys for once.

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