5 Games that Attributed to Mark Cerny's Success

To follow up on my article "The Man Behind the PS4," I'll be describing 5 games that attributed to Mark Cerny's success in chronological order. Although, he has many credits to his name. Mark Cerny, whom has had prominent roles, and has been involved in the inception of hit games such as Uncharted remains an important industry figure today. The 5 games include:

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TechnicianTed2050d ago

Thanks for the gifs abzdine, great work. I've never seen those before. They're not overused or anything, no. It's not like they are posted hundreds of times a day. You are the first to have used those gifs.

Thanks. Thanks for being original.

Why o why2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Like many here, I didnt know much about the guy prior to him stepping on stage. Watched a couple vids. He's an interesting guy. The video below is long, but worth a watch if you're interested.

2050d ago
miyamoto2050d ago

Legendary Master of gaming

Nathan Drake
Nathan Hale

Hit after hit after hit
these are iconic video games

this man revolutionized gaming one game after the other

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Blackdeath_6632050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

4 out of 5 of those games can easily be described as generation defining games. sonic the hedgehog 2 for me was by far the standout game in the generation of the sega genesis crash bandicoot remains one of the best games during GEN1 on the PSone jak and daxter was one of the highlights of the ps2 generation and marble madness i had absolutely no idea mark cerny was behind that i played a modern interpretation/remake of that game and had a wonderful time doing so a marble madness for the vita would be amazing and a great revival of an all time classic.

pr0t0typeknuckles2050d ago

so i knew this guy had some part in crash and jak and i love those games,but he worked on sonic 2 as well,ladies and gentlemen we have a legend.

DivineAssault 2050d ago

He is a gamer & knows what nx gen should be in a console.. I know for sure that PS4 is the absolute BEST choice for any core gamer looking for the best nx gen experience.. Whos the man/men behind the xbox one? Rich greedy white collars looking for every way to squeeze a buck out of you?

ab5olut10n2050d ago

used to love/hate marble madness lol

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