"EPIC Ogres" – Ogre Battle: March of The Black Queen

"Cue the most Epic Overture in game history! Ogre Battle had it all including a plethora of all the coolest ‘fantasy’ classes & beasties to choose from to build your army. It was one of the most complex RPG / RTS games." - Samson of Str N Gaming

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Foxgod3649d ago

This game was truly epic, i only played it in the past on the psx, but recently finished the original snes version.

To me this is hands down the best franchise that square enix owns, it truly, truly sux that Square ignores so many awesome franchises in their backlog.

Foxgod3649d ago

That one is also one of my favorites, but the franchise is owned by monolith now, who turned it into a linear cut scene fest of epic short proportions.

Firan3649d ago

I'm a sucker for SRPGs. More games like these please.

myrddincrow3649d ago

Indeed, I spent many hours with this game attempting to get all of the endings. I can still hear every song from every map in my head.