What Microsoft will and won’t let you do with games on Xbox One

VB - Here's how Microsoft's Xbox One consumer rights policies may affect you.

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GribbleGrunger1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Just think about that headline for a minute: 'Allowing'. I do what I frigin' like with MY property thank you.

GrieverSoul1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Exactly! I paid for it, its mine. Its a physical thing, not a downloadable game.

But I gotta be honest with one thing. 10 years ago if one would say you would have to pay to play online, everyone would rise and slay the demons who said it. But look at it now! What if Microsoft accomplishes this. What if they succeed in making people believe its "ok" to not own these games? What will the future of our hobby be like? I fear the day the Xbox One becomes a success. I know my generation of gamers wont take it lightly but the future generation of gamers will be over it like its something acceptable. Honestly, Im scared of the prospect of the XboxOne success.

KentBlake1961d ago

Well said. Bubbles for you.

MikeMyers1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"I do what I frigin' like with MY property thank you."

No you can't. They have the right to restrict access if you mod your hardware for example. Sony had a right to remove the other OS feature from the PS3 as they seen it as a loophole to hacking but later on the bluray code was broken which allows pirated games now. This is why Sony is constantly updated the security with patches. The Xbox 360 was hit with even more piracy issues. This is what happens when you give consumers unrestricted access. So I don't blame them on cracking down. This whole notion it's your property is nonsense. You are buying a license, that's it. Which they can remove at any time.

That hard copy of M.A.G. you bought on the PS3 has become useless. Same with DC Online Universe. Both games came out on physical format and both games cost money to purchase when they first came out. Then Sony decided to offer it for free later on. So this whole consumer rights has never applied. The disc on the Xbox One games are simply a tool to transfer that license. Much like Diablo III is. If Battlenet goes down nobody can play can they? There is no offline mode. That game was also sold in physical form. Same with SimCity, same thing will happen with Destiny.

The Xbox One will still allow used games, it just now comes with some restrictions. Consumers will still determine value they will just have less of a competitive market to do it in because now it will only apply to authorized dealers. However this gives game publishers a better format to work with. Games are expensive to make and any loss sale to them could be make or break. Used games are lost sales. How competitive is the hardware market? We have 3 main ones, years ago it was just two, and they already control pricing on games. Something we already don't seem to have issues with. But make used games a competitive market and watch the internet go in an uproar!

Having to be connected has its benefits and downfalls. The benefit is now up to 10 family members can access your games from any Xbox One at any time. What isn't known if you can play that same game simultaneously or if 2 friends or more can access the same game. Having a connected environment also means those long delays of patches and updates are a thing of the past. It also means games are always alive. Think about how Demon Souls worked and the interesting aspects of input from other gamers can do. Or EA sports games where instead of dynamic lighting we have dynamic weather that is replicating real time weather effects. SimCity has something like this. Diablo III has something like this. The downfalls are of course if you don't have access to the internet. That's the risk they are going to have to make. Netflix has how many members? What is the most successful franchise on both the PS3 and Xbox 360? Why it's a game most people play online. What a coincidence. Don't want to be connected? Simple, don't buy this system.

MikeMyers1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


The issues people are having with it all seem to stem on principle. That's where you as a consumer have a great option, don't buy the Xbox One. Isn't that an amazing concept, to be able to decide to buy one or not? To be able to buy something else? Amazing isn't it? No, instead we have those who need to dwell on things. Act like they have no choice but to vent frustration. Act like they have had all their consumer rights stripped away. All that goes away if you don't want the Xbox One. For the rest of us it's about entertainment. Just like when I go see a movie and pay $10 or whatever it cost to sit down for 2 hours. I pay to be entertained and if people want to miss out on experiencing games like Watchdogs or Destiny because of principles, go ahead. That's your loss not mine. If people are so upset with being more restricted to selling their copy of Forza and miss out on a great franchise, go ahead. That's your loss because of principles.

I will continue to moderate my spending on a hobby. That's right, a hobby. This isn't about necessities in life people, it's a hobby. So if that means I can now only get $20 back on my copy of Quantum Break after I finish it instead of $30 then I will adjust my spending habits. That's what people do, they adapt. I can still lend a game to a friend, they just need to be connected online and chances are they will be if they have an Xbox one, won't they? I don't rent games because all those rental outfits have gone under. Want to know why? It's because that demand simply isn't there as much. The same thing has happened to home video. Those rental outfits have closed because consumers have adapted and seem to prefer renting movies online or streaming. Which is something that will eventually come to game consoles if there is enough demand for that. The market always adapts and the majority will always over-ride this vocal minority that seems to fester on forums. A vocal minority that never really seems to be happy with anything. A vocal minority who seem to spend more of their free time arguing, debating and wanting to start up petitions that actually enjoying the hobby they seem to try and convince everyone they can't live without.

The market needs a shake up. Too many retailers break street dates. Too many torrent sites have uploaded games for free to piraters. Too many idiots roam around on Xbox Live acting like idiots taking no accountability for their actions. Now they can whine on YouTube how they were unjustly banned without ever ever admitting they did anything wrong and if they do admit it they will still cower and say they have a right to do what they want. Go ahead, pay $400 or whatever it is to run the risk of being a loser online. Now game publishers have a used market they can compete with and not have stores like Gamestop make billions of dollars instead while game studios shut down. This will also force those publishers to give us better content and to have better relationships with consumers. If EA blocks used games they will feel the impact and will have to adjust. All of this will be tweaked by the consumer and that will be by demand. Steam has grown exponentially by offering a restrictive service of their own and that success is by listening to their customers and offering enough value. Microsoft will have to do the same thing and by controlling used sales that mean they can be more competitive like Steam.

Thatlalala1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Thats what Geohot thought. Then Sony sued his ass.

joeorc1961d ago

Q: Can I play rented games on the Xbox One?

A: No. But Microsoft says it may work with partners to allow that sometime in the future. Loaning or renting games will not be available at launch through companies such as GameFly.

red box, i doubt is very happy with this!

rainslacker1961d ago

MS is "enabling" us to do the things we've been doing for quite a while, for a small fee of course. Of course now, I guess it's the publishers who will be enabling us as well. Lucky us.

Can't believe how many times they actually used the word "enabled" in their rundown of the "features".

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zeal0us1962d ago

Microsoft will allow you bend over and take it.

Q: Will my Xbox One have to be always connected to the Internet?

Yes because who's really going to go through the trouble of getting online once a day just to meet the requirement then getting back off just to play their games?

first1NFANTRY1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

At this point i may as well give my money to a terrorist organization if i'm gonna buy an xbone.

this machine is a huge failure and it hasn't even been released yet.


brich2331962d ago

One of the pros that I see and no one else seems to see or mention is,
Lets say me and a friend are going to get the same game,
well if he puts up 30$ and I put up 30$ we'ed both be saving 30$. One of us would buy the game and gift the other copy to the other. Now We can both play the game in coop or competitive.

sashimi1962d ago

Where the hell do you see you being able to give your friend your license of the game..and still be able to play the game? lol seriously

Cupid_Viper_31962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

$30.00 from you and $30.00 from your friend = $60.00
The look on your face (photo captured by kinect) when you realize that sh!t doesn't work = priceless.

IRetrouk1962d ago

Thats not the way it works, when you give the game to your friend you lose the licence to play that game.

thereapersson1962d ago

Plus said games can only be gifted once. They are rendered unplayable after the fact.

brich2331962d ago

I see that now, microsoft just isnt clear, even after trying to be clear i understood it wrong.

Geezus1962d ago

The saving grace will be the 10 family member thing where they can play your library of games on any xbox one, but exactly what qalifies as "family" members will be the kicker. If you can put friends as family that would be great but i doubt it

IRetrouk1962d ago

Was it not 10 family member profiles on the one console? Will have to have another look.

stuna11961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I see a lot of fake birth certificate and social security cards being made! Who knows Microsoft may have a business on the side as a supplier.

dodo1011962d ago

There are no pros!
We never had this BS.
So suddenly when we have this restrictions they become pros?!

brich2331962d ago

Wow i just realased i read it wrong. But i am awake now and Damn Microsoft U SUCK!

Imalwaysright1961d ago

And stupid people on N4g (they know who they are) don't want us speaking about MS anti-consumer practices. This whole mess is beyond fanboyism and everyone should spread the word about what MS is going to do.

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lol oh xboner. just doesnt quit with its pathetic attempts to regulate freedoms "yeah...yeah you can play friends games...but for like only 30 days! and hey they can only barrow it once!!!" lol its like dealing with a child whos making a list of demands as they go along.

wasnt going to buy an xboner before it was even announced. definitely not going to buy an xboner now that this information has surfaced. cool that theyre no doing the whole used game thing though.

MajorLazer1962d ago

It will let you 'rent' your game and will not let you own it outright. It will monitor and spy on you and will not let you have a right to privacy

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