LevelUp | The Last of Us Review

Naughty Dog has proven itself again as one of the most accomplished development teams in the world. With The Last of Us they have given us a consistent and interesting world that is supported by practically all of its game mechanics. From the rich complex combat system to the sublime sound design, this game immerses the player in one of the most visceral plots in this generation. Maybe the AI could have been better, but, overall, this game proves how far the craftsmanship of making video games has come.

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Walker1957d ago

Over 30 perfect score in metacritic ! Holy Mother of god !

GrizzliS19871957d ago

i can see the DLC now. Stuck in a city of zombified plant fangus people called Tens. Tens everywhere. No escape.

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KwietStorm1957d ago

This is just getting redundant now. Huh what? Redundant doesn't mean awesome? Ah well I stand by it.