Xbox One: 10 Shocking Things You Won’t Believe

WC - The reveal of the Xbox One a few weeks back was a hugely controversial move with even the most loyal Microsoft fanboys, given the various restrictions and limitations the company seemed to be imposing upon players for their next-gen hardware; after all, shouldn’t next-gen gaming be about more freedom, not less?

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oof461957d ago

Point 5 is a stickler: You can only trade-in your game at a pre-approved retailer. Meaning, you cannot trade in your game at any brick and mortar that might accept used games.

Facepalms galore.

Shadow Flare1957d ago

Restrictions, restrictions, TV, restrictions, sports, restrictions, restrictions, TV, restrictions, restrictions, Sports, TV, restrictions.

Heck of a console microsoft

SpinalRemains1957d ago


I think he's even more angry than I am. Love the passion.

He's doing the right thing by educating everyone, and so are you, Gez, by posting his link.

He's absolutely 100% correct in that anyone who buys the One automatically forfeits their right to whine or complain about gaming in any which way or form.

This is so damned simple, everyone.
We all love gaming and there is an enemy directly in front of us, trying to take it all away from us!
Don't let them do it!


Godmars2901957d ago

Pretty much knew all of that.

Doubt they'll sell the option to unlock the console from the login requirment though.

medman1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I only needed the one shock. And that was the fact that the content we purchase we no longer own and cannot utilize as we see fit. No thanks, I'm out. Good luck with that, Microsoft.

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