What Was Sony's Greatest E3 Moment?

IGN - Remember the Final Fantasy VII announcement? We don't! But it's in this awesome history of Sony at E3.

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GodGinrai1956d ago

AS a sega guy (I bought the saturn at launch...Helped that I worked part time at HMV), I was initially a little reluctant to buy into the playstation. But one day on a, lunch break I played destruction derby, and wipeout and fell in love with the PSX. Bought one a month later and became a two-console owner for the first time in my life.

Sony have ALWAYS been good to us gamers. I still remember their marketing in the 90s. They were always right on the money.

I am looking forward to their E3 the most.

abzdine1956d ago

yes i bought a PS3 600€ in Europe cause we haven't got the 20GB model and i was still a student without lots of money but i was confident PS3 was a great investment and the proof is still standing i am still playing it today!
PS4 will be cheaper than PS3 was when it first released, and i am highly confident one more time that it is THE hardware to own.

BiggCMan1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

In all the shows I have personally watched on TV/internet (about 6 or 7 years now I think). My favorite is the Twisted Metal reveal in 2010. The way that Jaffe lied to us about the existence of the game just blew everyone away when he came out in an ice cream truck on stage. Just pure awesome and fan service at its finest.

Look at this reaction!

ANIALATOR1361956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I'm not really a fan of TM but even I thought that was cool

Wagz221956d ago

Yea I totally agree, twisted metal was the best reveal. Just the teaser trailer and the the ice cream truck coming on stage after, I was screaming haha

nix1956d ago

they can make this E3 their best. they can do little skit (like someone already posted sometime back) - the executive will act as if he lost his copy of the disc and the other guy gives him his disc and continue with a demo.

oh.. it will be golden!

Heisenburger1956d ago

Rrrrrriiiiiidge Racerrr!!

Why did I have to be the one to do that??


Mikefizzled1956d ago

Lets face it their entire 2006 conference was pretty dire. Ridge racer, The infamous giant enemy crab, the pricing to name a few. Glad to see they ended up sorting themselves out though.

Megaplaynate1955d ago

Gabe Newell on the Playstation conference.