Last of Us universe 'ripe for more stories' says Naughty Dog

GameSpot - Creative director Neil Druckmann says the universe could expand even though Joel and Ellie's story has reached a conclusion.

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dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

Well, there are four Uncharted game (one of them only supervised, not made, by ND) and I enjoyed the story in every single one.

I would not complain if Last of Us got at least one or two more games in the series.

SOD_Delta1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Grab your bucket people. This will be some top grade milk.



PLEASE read this, I will try to post this in every TLOU article if possible. I am real gamer and I respect real gamers so I don't want your gaming feelings to be wounded.

BE AWARE of people PMing you in various websites, spoiling the ending of the game for you like they did for me! Yes I was a victim of someone who just joined N4G to do this crime and PM me (maybe other unlucky users too) about the ending of the game. It really made me bitter even worse than at the time of Heavy Rain by spoiling the identity of the Origami Killer. I contacted mods and admins and they banned him and they are now on high alert.

So, If you get random PMs from random ***** here or in other sites, starting by "Joel", DON'T CONTINUE reading. Just report to admins like cgoodno: I swear they made a deal to eradicate those demons once and for all. Criminals won't stop flooding, they will PM you, comment on TLOU articles or even other articles or even other ones. You won't like what you gonna read because it will kill the hype for you to play the game. You will say they may invent things, but unfortunately, after you check out the game code leaked in GOWA game inside the demo (it means, DON'T TAKE A LOOK), what criminals are PMing may be the true ending.

SO please, if I was a sacrificial victim, I call you from the other world to warn you. Just don't join me there, it is very sordid and morbid. You are our only hope, You are "THE LAST OF US " !

DigitalRaptor1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


Much respect for spreading the word.

However, I was listening to the latest IGN Beyond podcast and Colin Moriarty said that he's had messages from people who wanted clarification if the spoilers they'd read were true. He said that most of them were fake spoilers and some were "kinda" true.

If you have read spoilers, there's a chance they are fake. Don't let it get you down.

ZodTheRipper1957d ago

Of course there could be a lot of different stories told in that universe but I hope they aren't planning on a sequel already. Let it rest for awhile, work on some DLC or something completely different and give us a new TLOU in 2015/16 on PS4.

Mr_Nuts1957d ago

They really plan their games out don't they. They know they will have to make sequels so they create a universe where they can tell as many stories as they like instead of just doing the standard trilogy then pushing it with a 4th or 5th one.

Uncharted 4 will come next year hopefully and it will still feel fresh because it will be a brand new story with the same old characters we've come to love

dedicatedtogamers1956d ago

The thing I love about ND games this gen is that, sure, they might be a part of a "series", but each game is stand-alone. You can jump straight to Uncharted 3 and you'll miss maybe...2 or 3 nuances. They don't make the first and second games end on cliffhangers just to get you to buy the next game.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1957d ago

I hope they just cancel whatever plans they have for it and make a new IP that doesn't suck otherwise only the Uncharted games will be worth playing from Naughty Dog next-gen. The story and characters in Last of Us are already terrible as is the gameplay (which was proven in that mediocre demo). Everything about this seems like leftovers just rushed out before this gen ends.

It'll be the first Naughty Dog game that I don't buy (or play for that matter).

garos821957d ago

lol ok dante. i believe you...

Neo-Axl1956d ago Show
TheEvilWithin1956d ago

Dude you on drugs or something? With a Meta Critic of 95,96 out of a 100. That's the highest rated game this year so far. Not saying EVERYTHING is based off of reviews but COMMON that must mean SOMETHING!

justrandom1956d ago


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ginsunuva1957d ago

I think TLoU is better off as a single story. A series would diminish the greatness of this one.

Stories should NEVER be created where they aren't meant to be. They do not turn out good.

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