What We Want In Microsoft's E3 2013 Press Conference

AMHNetwork have published what they want to see in Microsofts E3 Presser. Agree?

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snipab8t2051d ago

The only thing Microsoft could do to change the situation they are in is to scrap the DRM (unlikely to be possible now though) and reveal a hell of allot of high quality exclusives.

Yi-Long2051d ago

... so no 24 hours check-in, no used games fees (whoever pays for it, or how), no mandatory Kinect, no eavesdropping, etc etc.

Pretty much the only positive thing, gaming-wise, that they've managed to announce, was the improved D-pad for an otherwise already great controller.

They won't backtrack ofcourse. It's Microsoft. This is THEIR vision for the future of gaming, and they'll try to shove it down our throats, no matter how hard we cry and scream that we don't want it.

ABizzel12051d ago

1. Removal of Always online, 24 hour check, and 1 hour check on non-primary console.

2. Publisher DRM.

3. Kinect required, always on, always listening

4. Improved spes., or at least significantly cut the footprint on the CPU, GPU, and RAM (current CPU cut of 25%, GPU cut of 10%, and RAM cut of 37.5%).

5. Amazing games to make up for the travesty.

6. Amazing price point to make up for this travesty.

7. A remodel of the console to make up for the poor design.

8. An apology to all core gamers for this travesty of a console thus far.

And while you're at it make online play free and part of XBL Silver, and improve Gold to match the offerings of PS+.

showtimefolks2051d ago

You know I will make it simple

Show 10 plus games only available on Xbox ozone and 6 of them at launch

When will these console makers learn? They launch a system promising a lot of game in first year than nothing actually comes out just look at wiiu

Show games
Talk about pricing
Announce a launch window if not an actual date

Oh and MS just when you think what else to show than show more games since as gamers that's what we want, we don't want TV box we looking for games. Let me just be clear we want games lol

monkey6022051d ago

I think actual dates are vital at this stage we are into the halfway mark of 2013 and they want us to put cash deposits on hardware slated for this year, therefore we need solid dates and prices next week

showtimefolks2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Yes I agree also we need to know which games are actually launching with the system day one. Don't give us the crap about this game is suppose to launch within system launch window that could mean anytime between 12-18 months

Be clear and fans will support

monkey6022051d ago

I'm going to watch the conference because I'm curious and I want to see the games but I am 100% decided that this machine is not for me. They need to just blow it up and start again really.

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