Why it's a marvel: The Last of Us

In a 20-minute, spoiler-free discussion, let IGN tell you how Naughty Dog has emotionally wrecked us

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TheDarpaChief1961d ago

First article, how do you embed ign's video player? very confusing lol

cl19831961d ago

Top right hand corner of player screen

TheDarpaChief1961d ago

Thanks a ton. It's a good podcast to watch imo

Rask1961d ago

Pre ordered my copy a month ago, only five more days to play this wonder.

DigitalRaptor1961d ago

I don't think most people going into The Last of Us will be prepared. I've been reading about it for years, and still don't think I'm ready for what it has in store.

Great video.

karl1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

im scared to read a spoiler on any of this articles about the game..

only a few days left but if i read anything i dont want to i will implode!...


TheDarpaChief1961d ago

I watched it in its entirety, all they discuss is how good the game is and the only spoiler I heard is the trophy count and the trophy names

Sevir1961d ago

i really cant wait for this game at all.

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