Cowboys and Zombies (aka Howdy Zombie) Review (GameWoof)

The first thing that is a little weird about Cowboys and Zombies is that it doesn’t quite know what game it is. We don’t mean that it is confused about what genre it is, its a pretty blatant Battleheart clone – and knows it – no, what we mean is that it literally doesn't know what game it is. On the Google Play Store it is listed as Cowboys and Zombies. The APK name and title screen menu display the name Howdy Zombie, which is a fine name too we suppose, it’s just a little confusing.

Moving past the name confusion, there is actually a pretty solid game here with Cowboys and Zombies or Howdy Zombie or whatever it wants to be called. It is, as mentioned, a Battleheart clone, but that isn’t a bad thing. Battleheart received 4 woofs from us (with a 4.5 tablet score) and what Cowboys and Zombies is, is an exact clone of Battleheart, put in a Western Theme and slapped onto a freemium framework.

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