Wolfenstein The New Order Preview Interview With MachineGames Jens Matthies - Gamerhubtv

MachineGames is bringing back id Software's classic with an all new adventure. Developer Jens Matthies talks about Wolfenstein: The New Order in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1962d ago

Nothing like killing mechanical robot Nazis.

achmetha1962d ago

I wish they would re-add Wolfenstein (2009) back to Steam..

TheBrownBandito1962d ago

Some people are saying Killzone and Watchdogs are going to blow this away, but it looks up there with them to me. The environments look really nice with some level of destructibility and there looks to be some clever weaponry too. Good sized bosses and what appeared to be some good AI, although you can never properly judge AI without actually playing. I'm looking forward to this and it may be one of my first purchases if its around at next gen release.

Loving the alternate seminal moments in history too. Well thought out.