Is There Any Point in Videogame Age Ratings?

Is there any point to the age ratings on any video game? As it doesn't stop 10 year olds from buying the game. Is there any reason to have them?

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Donnieboi1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Of course they should have age ratings. Just because these kids can get their hands on it anyway, doesn't mean that the responsibility shouldn't fall on the parent to heed to the ratings on the box.

That's like saying "should porn sites have that warning requiring you to 'confirm' if you're 18--even though a 15 year old can just click yes and no one would be the wiser".

Even if it is not 100% effective, we still need a way to warn people that certain content is [probably] inappropriate for kids. Besides, when it comes to games, it is still in a parents discretion to decide what is appropriate or not for their kids. But at least there is a WARNING on the box to help the parent decide if the individual offenses written on the back of the box are really too offensive for their kids.

Example: if I had a 13 year old daughter, and she wanted to own a Mature rated game, I would read the back of the box. Based on my preferences, I would decide for myself if the game really deserves to be rated M. If the only reason for it's "M" rating is for "suggested themes" or for offending a particular religion (Americans really hate when u expose/confront their established religions) then I'll let her play it. If it's extreme gratuitous violence and sex then I won't. It's MY decision, based on how I want to raise her. But having a rating system in place allows me to decide easier.

So yes, keep the rating system. Maybe improve on it too, but don't blame it for the fact kids still play mature games, blame the foolish parent who overlooked the rating system (which has a detailed description in the back) for being dumb, lazy, and [criminally] negligent of their child.

Sharius1962d ago

to warn the parent don't purchase the aldult game for their kid

if they are ignore it, well, go for it, but don't blame gaming for their kid's fault

Unicron1962d ago

Yes. Information.

Parents need to take a more active role in their child's entertainment. Also not all children are created equal. At 14 I was playing mature games and new the difference, and was probably more polite online than most 30 year olds. GG!

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1962d ago

not when you have some m games appropriate for gamers under 12(halo) and then games like manhunt 2, both with the same rating

Neko_Mega1962d ago

To tell you the truth, no their really isn't. An the reason why I say this, is because any little kid can ask their mom or dad to buy them COD or any game they want.

Because parents think its just a game, it can't offer anything really bad right??? -_- I seen five years have their mom buy them a "M" rated game.

So the rating system is kind of pointless when theirs away around it.

sashimi1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Its always useful, just because some parents choose to be uninformed and not care doesn't mean every other parent should too.

project_pat361962d ago

I literally witnessed this myself, a small child around the age of 5-6 had his mother looking everywhere in gamestop for gta iv. smooth.

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