Simon Says: Give It A Rest Sony And Microsoft Fans

Everywhere in life there are rivalries. Sports teams have fierce rivals which often result in a tense atmosphere on the playing surface and, more than likely, the stands. Government organisations look to battle it out to get ‘one over’ on their opponents by any means necessary. It is understandable when it comes to gaming that there will be rivalries. The main rivalry which rains-down on the gaming community is the constant battle between Sony and Microsoft. As we edge closer towards E3 next week, I for one am sick of ‘fanboys’ and ‘fangirls’ constantly taking up space on article comment sections and social media, arguing which company’s system is better.

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NYC_Gamer2056d ago

The die hard fans are apart of the gaming culture and have been since forever

Genki2056d ago

I don't know about that. The internet truly brings out the worst in people. I remember Sonic and Mario fans being far more tolerant than Xbox and Sony crowd of today.

darthv722056d ago

were different. that was when we had magazines to read about new things coming out.

now its about sensationalist titles for articles to get your attention. the instant gratification of news or what many consider news even if its rumors.

the like minded passing judgement on those they feel is their opposition when there is no merit to do so.

I agree that we should all give it a rest. get to gaming instead of bickering. its more fun and you earn trophies/achievements in the process. you don't get anything from arguing...except worked up.

Zool 082056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Hell No, Sony got a kicking at the beginning of the PS3's life, now it's M$ turn.

darthv722056d ago

two wrongs don't make a right. 3 lefts do though.

Godmars2902056d ago

Between upsetting devs with the PS3's architecture if not the Cell, consumers with "The Statement" over the price, they still had it coming. To a degree at least.

That MS, and more so it's fans, took it further is another thing though.

Would be nice if everyone would step back and look at this, and each other, as gamers, but that's just not going to happen for many.

SpinalRemains2056d ago


Giant crabs as far the eye could see.
Funny how ppl forget.

There were probably 10-20 SONY doomz articles for 4 straight years.

Now after a couple of weeks their skin is wearing thin?
C'mon, guys. Walk it off

BABYLEG2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Guy at my job said always on is terrible. Then tells me the same trash argument. What if my electricity goes out due to hurricanes? (I'm in Florida). Well if your electricity goes out wont even have a tv to watch. But the camera watches me. No it can be off paused or on. That cloud nonsense is a lie. Go tell that to the company who's been investing In this tech for over a decade that it cant be done.

the reason Sony will fall flat is simple. Their fan base are a bunch of gamers who feel entitled. So when the company goes into bankruptcy, they can only blame themselves and their beloved company for listening to them.

you know why they will never pay for online? Because with the ps3, you gave them a service that costs money to upkeep while releasing games that don't sell too well.. All the while not making a dime back because they're "nice".

see how far nice gets you as a corporation

and am I the only GUY HERE WHO DOESNT GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT SPECS? With all those specs the ps4 will still run like clunky old hardware with pretty games.

PrimeGrime2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

You see that one bubble you have? You have it because you are completely illogical.

Kinect can be turned off but you know it is still required to be connected at all times. Why is that? Why if you can turn it off, does it even need to be connected? Of course you couldn't even answer that.

Also Internet goes out not just from electricity drop outs but in general, believe it or not internet can have problems and sometimes requires to be fixed by a technician. Sometimes it can take over a week for these tech's to come out and fix you internet.. Not only that but some electricity companies enforce black outs because of how hot it has become lately that the generators producing this electricity need breaks now. Like in Texas, that means they completely turn off all your electricity for a period of time during the days..

So please explain how a person uses a TV and satellite without electricity? What do you expect everyone to have a gas generator in their garage? I mean what the fuck..

Not only that I just remember you can't even play this piece of crap on Military bases because they do not have internet like that or internet always available. So fuck anyone who works in the Military also right? As long as your Xbone works fine, who cares?

Man you are such a selfish asshole it isn't funny.. I really don't even know why I bother wasting my time with people like you, as you can clearly tell you will think the way you want to regardless of how stupid it may be.

SpinalRemains2056d ago

Uhhhh yeah

Were all so entitled we purchased the most expensive system.

Do you even think before you type or do you call Microsoft for dictation?

PrimeGrime2056d ago

No one is arguing about which company is better really, people are complaining the Xbone sucks.. That is all. It isn't even fans, it is simply people not liking a product.
Also there is no room to argue either the PS4 specification wise by realities standards is actually better than the Xbox One, there is no way of getting around that unfortunately. So trying to deny that is just denying the reality you live in.

Which in all honesty doesn't even matter to me, the PS4 could be weaker than the Xbox One and I will still be interested in it more than all this nonsense attached to the Xbox One.

The only people to blame for all this heat is Microsoft. As this senseless banter about who prefers what has always existed. Even before Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo were around.

theWB272056d ago

This may sound really crazy...but I'm getting both systems again. Just like this gen. Bonkers right???

Hicken2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Yes, actually, it DOES sound really crazy.

Edit: N4G happened to the bubbles. Being on the wrong side of people like LOGICWINS, maniacmayhem, and MikeMyers happened to the bubbles.

The problem is not the games. The problem is everything else. I'm not giving up my rights as a consumer just to play a game from a franchise I like. Lost Odyssey is one of the best games I've played this gen; if there's a sequel on the XBO, I'll just have to miss out. If any of my favorite franchises become exclusive, I'll have to say goodbye.

If Sony does the same thing, the Wii U may be the last console I'll ever buy. It'd put an end to about 25 years of gaming, but so be it.

There are just some things that are worth more than a good game. Wouldn't you agree?

theWB272056d ago

Whoa Hicken what happened to the bubbles.... anyway it may be crazy to you but i have exclusives on both sides i enjoy. I'm sticking with that

theWB272056d ago

I agree..but I won't give up on gaming altogether...but I admittedly already game less and buy less. But IDK if that's because this gen has lagged on so long or because I'm just pickier on what I spend my money on. I'll see how much it picks up this coming gen.

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