Broken toys: Will gaming ever grow up?

We’re still playing with toys when it comes to video games.

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gamer421958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"How many times have we heard the argument “good story, not so good gameplay”, and then watch the review score tumble down? While the opposite is accepted and praised in a matter-of-fact kind of way that drives me insane! There’s this ludicrous overvaluing of the “play” aspect of video games (another childish undertone), to the detriment of everything else."

Well, I'm sorry gaming has evolved in a different way than you want it to, and I'm sorry that people prefer to judge a GAME by its GAMEplay rather than story. Games are supposed to be games, not movies. Why would I want to play a game with horrible gameplay, but excellent story when I want excellent innovative GAMEPLAY? Why shouldn't I praise a game for it's gameplay and ignore it's terrible story. Games concentrate on gameplay, if the gameplay's bad than you have a bad game.

I'm not saying we can't have both.
-Bioshock series
-Metal Gear series
-Last of Us
-Uncharted series
Prove this

-The Super Mario Series (2d and 3d)
-Metroid Prime
-Little Big Planet
-Legend of Zelda
Prove that a game without a good story (or no story at all)can still be an amazing experience.

Gaming is evolving but just because you think it should concentrate on story more, doesn't mean otherwise.
-End of Rant

Blastoise1958d ago

I get what you're saying, but not all games focus on gameplay

Would be a little unfair to rate down Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead for not having much gameplay wouldn't it? What about games like Virtues last reward which is heavily focused on just dialogue?

gamer421958d ago

I would never attempt to underrate games like The Walking Dead and Virtue's last reward (Can't comment on heavy rain as I never played it or seen any actual footage for the game) for concentrating on story, but those games do still have a form of gameplay that people find they can appreciate and enjoy.

That gameplay would be giving us the options that can change the course of where the story will go. I can appreciate that, but I don't want a game to be too much like a movie, where there is a predefined beginning, climax, and conclusion, and I have no option to try and change where the story goes.

Basically, games shouldn't be one big quick time with a fantastic story where the player has no say of what the character does or say.

3-4-51958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Good story + good graphics + bad gameplay basically just = an interactive movie.

Some dev's aren't even making games, yet they sell them as such.

Graphics matter a lot, but not as much as gameplay.

The reason we can still go back and play Mario 64 is because is still plays really well, the design still holds up, it's not any less fun and there is enough good content to last us a few days/weeks.

Yet those graphics suck compared to what is out now.

So 90% of games released now have better graphics than Mario 64......How come all of them aren't better then? According to idiots, graphics are everything ?

BlagaMan851958d ago

It's not just narrative. Games have pretty much been stuck in the 90's when it comes to mechanics and narratives. So much potential, yet we keep making the same games (just in a different light)

GenericNameHere1958d ago

Gaming HAS grown up! Look at this gen! Take Mass Effect for example. It has become such a respected series (despite people still being sour at the sh!tty ending) that people are comparing it to Star Wars! In fact, go even earlier than that. Games like Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, etc. Not only did these games have fully realized worlds with deep backgrounds and great storylines, they made you feel emotion, they made you care about the characters and the settings: the best part? They were INTERACTIVE.
In movies, you don't become the characters, but rather just watch them instead. You don't get to participate with these characters and have branching paths. In videogames, not only are YOU th hero, but you feel it, and in certain games, gives you different choices that will affect the way your adventure ends.
I feel that people still think videogames are for kids because the games that try to put emphasis on the story don't get the attention they need. And even when casuals here of names like Bioshock and Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, I'm willing to bet they've only heard of the name, but have never played the games for themselves. I have a lot of friends who think they're LoZ fans because they've heard of the series, but haven't played a single one of them.

gamer421958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Exactly! I want to be part of the world and be able and feel that I actually contributed in the game, not just watch them do it.

BlagaMan851958d ago

But all the games you mentioned are basically rehashing what has been done before or what other mediums have done. There's infinite potential in games. So why keep making the same things? It isn't just about narrative. It's everything.

Phil321958d ago

As long as gamers behave like gamers do on message boards and comments sections, no, gaming will not grow up. It's not the games that are the problem. It's the gamers and people who make them.

Hadoukameha1958d ago

Gaming is evolving, but stumbling along the way. Heavy Rain was a decent step in the right direction, Skyrim too.