Xenoblade Chronicles’ Sales Numbers Point to a Bright Future for X on Wii U

Furious Francis from takes a look at how Xenoblade Chronicles sales numbers point to X on Wii U being a runaway success.

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chadboban1958d ago

I really hope to see more of "X" during the E3 direct. It's one of my most anticipated games. Absolutely loved Xenoblade Chronicles, put over 140 hours into that game.

Theyellowflash301958d ago

Yeah, The wife of one of the directors of the game said there would be some information on the game so I hope so as well.

I would also like to see the first in game footage for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

chadboban1958d ago

I know Soraya Saga tweeted the link to the Japanese Direct and the only other time she has done that is when "X" was first shown. So yeah, my hype levels are through the roof right now.

And I'm also hoping for some SMT x FE news. I wanna see what the gameplay is gonna be like.

guitarded771958d ago

Sales would be a hell of a lot higher if they'd press some more copies. It's ridiculous that you can't find the game anywhere, and when you do it's insane expensive.

CLOUD19831958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Xenogears is my all time favorite game (along with FFVII) so when Xenoblade appear in stores I instantly buy the CE I spent around 75€ but I didn't have a classic controller anyway I buy a Wii just to play this game.

So I start playing with the red classic controller from the CE & my journey took around 200 hours until I see the end credits & from start to finish I was always thinking one thing, "man that was money well spent" yep I didnt bored or regret buying it even for a second, the time I spent playing Xenoblade was one of the best experience I have with a JRPG of the last 10+ years.

I haven't thought to buy a Wii U till now but I always thought "what if Takahashi release a new Xeno game?" & yes this will be enough reason for me to buy one although I know I will probably never touch it again after I finish this game but still I would do it when the time comes I know it.

Kos-Mos1958d ago

I love the fact that you enjoy Xenogears so much, but alongside FFVII. You might be just a couple of years younger than me since FFVI and Chrono Trigger should be up there:P
I talked my girlfriend into playing Xenogears with me this winter (she`s not even a casual player) and she loved it. The story that is, fighting and exploring and the graphics were not her cup of tea.
After we finished I read another analysis which I highly recommend: http://xenoverse.xenotensei...

Support Takahashi, one of few that makes gaming wiser.

Godmars2901958d ago

If Nintendo releases it worldwide. Doesn't have to be screamed at. Again.

Dj7FairyTail1958d ago

Uh it coming worldwide.
It was announced in Wii U USA Direct

Godmars2901958d ago

Believe Xenoblade was announced for worldwide release, then Nintendo changed their mind until it was changed again.

WiiUsauce1957d ago

the first game sold better in North America than anywhere else. We're getting the sequel for sure.

_QQ_1958d ago

X is certainly the game i am the most excited about across all platforms.


Cant wait, I have to beat Xenoblade first, this game is massive, Im still on the Leg section I think haha

deafdani1958d ago

Lol, holy shit. Then you definitely have a LOOOONG way to go. Bionis' Leg is barely the beginning, dude, you need to make it all the way to the Mechonis!



haha damn, ill try to marathon it before the last of us comes out

ZeekQuattro1958d ago

I hope Nintendo makes the game available for the Wii U either as an HD port or just simply start manufacturing the Wii version again. I can't find it at fair price. I got Last Story for $39.99 months ago but people are trying to sell this game for $100 and up.

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The story is too old to be commented.