Privacy concerns won't hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell

Serial entrepreneur says consumer backlash against Google Glass, Kinect tech won't matter if they're cool enough

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BABYLEG2049d ago

People put worse things on facebook

dedicatedtogamers2049d ago

How are Chuck E Cheese and Atari doing, Mr. Bushnell?

Tyre2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@BABYLEG & Dirty Yeah , but that is a totally different matter...people choose what to put on facebook & Biometrics/voice profiling are not MANDATORY and all the unwanted tech to observe you day in and day out...ALL your conversations are being recorded...even in the low power state ...voice profiling and 3D object scanning...reading your face to scan your emotional state. This Bushnell is probably thick with MS or he's to old to care about these issues. I just want to play games and immerse myself in OTHER characters than me. with XBone my TV is watch me more than i watch my TV. TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR and absurd. Don't be fooled that this is the same as facebook & twitter. YOU can login/out and you are not watched/listened to constantly. And no laptop/phone or cctv is not the same. They do not have a biometrics 3D profiling and voice recognition/profiling camera. People are really dumb if they think that these cameras are the same. AND ABOVE ALL we can decide to remove data from twitter or facebook. MS is giving you draconion DRM and is constantly spying on you with you as their new currency and we have no control over what is being stored. Don't be fooled by these people they are just trying to make it look less bad than it really is! This Bushnell is just doing Damage Control...probably gettin a Phat Check from MS! We as gamers shouldn't have to take this crap MS is pushing at us. If we stand as one (no pun intended) and don't buy systems and games that support this crap, MS and other Devs will take note and those crappy policies will go away. Were only as vulnerable as we allow ourselves to be!

GamersHeaven2049d ago

Yeah and E.T one of the best games ever created.

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