Warren Spector Said If Publishers Didn't Overcharge For Games People Wouldn't Have To Buy Them Used

With Microsoft officially revealing the details of its used games offerings last night online, the Xbox One has come under attack from gamers and members of the press. While Microsoft is allowing the playback and re-sale of used games at approved retailers after the publisher has enabled the trade-in, there are elements of the new console that will limit the ability to share or trade games with friends. And the way Microsoft has handled this situation has been a lesson in how not to launch a new console.

So far, most of the vitriol against Microsoft has come from the games press and the always-important gamers. I decided to ask a veteran game developer his thoughts on the whole Microsoft used games controversy. Warren Spector is well-known to the gaming community for pioneering interactive storytelling in games like Deus Ex, System Shock and Thief. He’s also platform agnostic at the moment, not working on any games for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or any other platform.

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jagiii1960d ago

It's good to see game makers admitting the system is broken to begin with.

Christopher1960d ago

But how else would we pay for their new homes?!?

darthv721960d ago

are worth the full price of admission. the majority however....not so much.

I have been on a roll lately with used games. most are fillers for my collection and others are gems that many simply missed.

I been hooked on ico and twilight princess and while I missed them new I would have paid full price for these two great games.

jc485731960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

the problem is charging almost every single game at full retail price. 40 dollars only if it was some HD remake. 50 dollars price tag is very rare. I do believe they were able to charge less, but they simply did in the form of "credit." You know, preorder this game right now and get 20 dollar coupon type of thing, but even that stopped happening. They even admitted that games are cheaper to make now than they used to be. I remember Konami doing something similar in the past where they used to charge Silent Hill games at least 10 dollars cheaper than the full retail price. Homecoming and Downpour were in no way 60 dollar game imo, so I don't know why they are overcharging the games this time around.

Omegasyde1960d ago

Be careful what you ask for.

If we get games costing 20$-40$ brand new, I am pretty sure Disc-Locked Content and week 1 DLC will make up for it.

The developer of course will say "its optional" or cut content and save it for a pre-order bonus/"season pass".

Omegasyde1960d ago

To a degree. But I would hate for everygame to go free to play aka pay to win.

Even if games were cheaper, I would still purchaseused games. Not everyone has a budget to get every game, so some "gems" get passed by.

Fast forward 2 years, and that "gem" is nearly impossible to find brand new. A publisher only prints out so many games especially if its a niche game.

ElitaStorm1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

he has a good point, why are games different from music CD's, movies and books that can be resold?

sjaakiejj1960d ago

Because all of those mediums except for books have various sources of income, whereas games only have one.

Books on the other hand lose value much quicker than games do, since they are affected by wear & tear.

TopDudeMan1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


A 5 hour game should not be worth the same price as one that can take up 100 hours. Sure there are other factors like quality etc, so the devs that complain about used game sales either need to make a better product so we don't want to sell it or lower the recommended retail price.

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