‘The Last of Us’ last-minute pre-order deal revealed by Amazon

Gamers have one last chance to take advantage of the pre-order deal from Amazon for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive video game from Naughty Dog, “The Last of Us.”

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kratos_TheGoat1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I just pre order the game, I just hope the game is better then god of war 3. But i bet is not still the game is amazing in every way

kratos_TheGoat1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I play the game already early from a friend, Is not better then god of war 3 when it comes to epicness still getting the game btw

orakle441962d ago

oh ok, im assuming english is not your first language?

itz_zombies1962d ago

"friend is not better then god of war 3"
I'm sorry, that made me laugh

lsujester1962d ago


I'm not sure if English is any of his languages.

Tultras1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

You guys clearly possess below average intelligence.

I've seen it all, picking on a guy on a gaming forum for not knowing how to speak ( type? ) English properly. Do you people literally have nothing better to do with your lives?

garos821961d ago Show
inveni01961d ago

I pre-ordered on May 23rd, and this deal was going then, too. So this is old news.

Utalkin2me1961d ago


"rednecks", really?

People using stereotypes and lump people into groups are scum..

Thatlalala1961d ago

@Tultras: No, its the internet.

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kratos_TheGoat1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Sorry this is not no school, so I can write whatever I want. plus I said the game is hot it just not better the god of war 3

dafegamer1962d ago

maybe in your opinion perhaps

GribbleGrunger1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

He's buying the game and he says the game is amazing. He clearly prefers games with huge set pieces like GOW (another Sony exclusive) but you lot are STILL giving him a hard time because his tastes differ from yours.

I've read many reviews, watched many reviews and I never doubt ND ... not one little bit. I believe the hype completely and it will likely be my game of ANY generation, but Jesus Christ, he's allowed to not like it as much as others. He's not saying it's a 7.5/10, he's saying (for him) it's 'probably' a 9/10, and who knows, when he completes it he it may well change his mind.

Until then let's not fight amongst ourselves. We have enough of that with grieving Xbox fans at the moment.

YourGreatUncle1962d ago

You can write whatever you want but a person should be able to make sense of what you're saying.

ThatCanadianGuy5141962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I like this guy.He doesn't afraid of anything!

Tultras1961d ago

Anyone who isn't a retard could have made sense of what he was trying to say, you know.

Braid1961d ago

I'm guessing you're non-native speaker?

Either way you're wrong to compare God of War to Last of Us. Two different genres with totally different play styles.

That said, I've enjoyed the hell out of the early-access demo. Those who couldn't play it should not hesitate pre-ordering the game. It looks and plays awesome, and from what I've read so far it may as well be the strongest candidate to be the defining game of the current console generation.

maximus19851961d ago

@peaSFor your dirka dirka comment had me crying with laughter

creized11961d ago

How is this guy comparing GOW with TLOU?
It is like comparing Drive Club with Sonic LOOOL

GenericNameHere1961d ago

I loved how epic GOWIII was, especially the jaw-dropping intro. It's still personally my favorite intro out of any game! However, I heard the intro for TLOU is also quite good. Not as epic in action as GOWIII was, but how the world is introduced.
Nevertheless, God of War III gained favorable reviews and praise, and I'm happy The Last of Us is also receiving phenomenal accolades and praise from critics and those who've managed to obtain early copies!

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famoussasjohn1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

How do you have 5 bubbles?

Hell, how do I? I was just at 3..I'm assuming they change the bubble policy and gave most users 5 bubbles.

kratos_TheGoat1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

People in n4g work-ship naughty dog like a god. People in this site still mad that I like God Of War 3 more then last of us. I play the game early from a friend, is a 9.3 for me I might change my review after I beat the game. still getting the game day 1

lilbrat231961d ago

Also if you register on Home to the E3 you will get a code for a dynamic theme :-). And Best Buy gives you $20( reward certificate) when you pre-order the game.

RedHawkX1961d ago

I think hes simple jack from tropic thunder

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Cam9771962d ago

I preordered it and I have a job interview in McDonald's on Wednesday, wish me luck!
TLOU looks fantastic, I've had a media blackout so only saw the first footage.

Heisenburger1962d ago

Good luck with your interview mate!

Ot: I've done the media blackout myself. LESS than a week left my friends.

quiddd1962d ago

With all the positive pub maybe Sony should consider a PS3 bundle with Last of Us.

The_Devil_Hunter1962d ago

Honestly, I think they might announce a price drop at E3 and this is where they decide to bundle the game with the console. I mean they are releasing the PS4 this year so one can only assume that a price drop for the console should take place.

WalterWJR1962d ago

My ps3 broke yesterday so I can't experience TLOU until I get some spare cash together for a new one :(

Really shit timing!! I was trying to fix another issue which was it started to sound like a jet engine but I messed up the repair.

fardan851962d ago

I feel sorry for you..
Cutting a gamer out of games is like taking drugs away from addicts.

STICKzophrenic1961d ago

Look at the bright side...Sony MAY announce a price cut for the PS3 at E3 making that blow a little less.

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