E3 2013 Predictions: Microsoft's Conference

The Game Podunk staff speaks out on what they expect to see announced at Microsoft's Pre-E3 Press Conference next Monday.

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rrquinta1962d ago

I predict MS's E3 press conference will be boring.

LuditPRIME1962d ago

As boring as Knack or look how many blue bricks we can fit in an estate... doubt it lol

strangelove1962d ago

They absolutely have to clear the air around all of these rumors about DRM and no used games. I know they've done it in interviews, but they need to actually have someone out on stage to explain it to people. Anything less can get swept under the rug and ignored by people who are upset with their console.

LuditPRIME1962d ago

They have already check n4g home page. Or

Rusty5151962d ago

I don't even care anymore. My mind is already set.

Heavenly King1962d ago

who cares what they are going to reveal at this point really?

Halomane1962d ago

In closing, I will be SHOCKED if PlayStation 4 doesn't have very similar, if not identical, used/sharing restrictions driven by publishers.

SonicRush151962d ago

As Sony already said, It'll be up to the publishers.

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