Naughty Dog Comments On Polygon’s TLOU Review, PS4 And More

Naughty Dog’s Max Dyckhoff (Programmer), Doug Holder (Visual Effects Artist), and Reuben Shah (Environment Artist) conducted an IAmA on Reddit today where they shared some intriguing details about the highly praised, The Last of Us, as well as their thoughts about the PS4, the chances that we’ll see Nathan Drake in the future and’s critical review of The Last of Us.

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GribbleGrunger1959d ago

From now on I'm going to take a leaf out of Naughty Dogs book. With Polygon's recent outburst about MS and their new policies, I HAVE to re-evaluate my opinion of them.

abzdine1959d ago

"...and I have a lot of confidence in what will be shown at E3.”

that's all i needed to hear!

thechosenone1959d ago

Sorry but that $750,000 dollar donation they got from Microsoft just isn't sitting well with me.

ColinZeal1959d ago

Ni no Kuni 6,5?!?! TLOU 7,5?!?!


PLEASE read this, I will try to post this in every TLOU article if possible. I am real gamer and I respect real gamers so I don't want your gaming feelings to be wounded.

BE AWARE of people PMing you in various websites, spoiling the ending of the game for you like they did for me! Yes I was a victim of someone who just joined N4G to do this crime and PM me (maybe other unlucky users too) about the ending of the game. It really made me bitter even worse than at the time of Heavy Rain by spoiling the identity of the Origami Killer. I contacted mods and admins and they banned him and they are now on high alert.

So, If you get random PMs from random ***** here or in other sites, starting by "Joel", DON'T CONTINUE reading. Just report to admins like cgoodno: I swear they made a deal to eradicate those demons once and for all. Criminals won't stop flooding, they will PM you, comment on TLOU articles or even other articles or even other ones. You won't like what you gonna read because it will kill the hype for you to play the game. You will say they may invent things, but unfortunately, after you check out the game code leaked in GOWA game inside the demo (it means, DON'T TAKE A LOOK), what criminals are PMing may be the true ending.

SO please, if I was a sacrificial victim, I call you from the other world to warn you. Just don't join me there, it is very sordid and morbid. You are our only hope, You are "THE LAST OF US " !



I feel you bro, but did you check this:

It says that even if they used some of the GOWA demo leaked game code, they might just be spectulating, i mean the end may not yet spoiled for you.


At THE-COMMANDER above I hope the article is saying the truth, but what I read really wounded me whether true or false. I already saw people posting their early copies of the game and even posting the final credits of the game. So, it is possible that those aren't the criminals, but some people they told the ending to. The writer may try to give some hope to people like me, but even what this Kark Hamilton said may be false too. I still appreciate his noble move. Sadly, the damage has already been done for me. SO PLEASE STAY CAREFUL !

WalterWJR1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Plastic-man someone did the same to me the other day however it was with game of thrones. The worst thing for me is what the little rat told me could potentially not happen for another 2-3 years so I am very bitter about that.

some people seem to crave attention and will go to great lengths to really piss you off.

Ritsujun1958d ago

LOL, come and try spoiling me.

PJF_Josh1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Plastica-man would you mind PM'ing me the 'spoiled' ending. I completed the game and reviewed it for and decided to see how right or wrong the spoilers were out there. Pretty much every single one of them is speculation and way off the mark. I only saw one that got close and even that guy said he was just guessing.

Spontogical1958d ago

I already thought Naughty Dog spoiled the ending in a trailer for the Last of US a few weeks ago. I won't say what happening cause I don't know.. but they did show a clip at the very end of the trailer showing something that was quite spoilerish imo.

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morganfell1959d ago

Not sure what you mean Gribble but the only reason they had an outburst over MS was to try and slow the unbelievable mountain of smackdown they have been getting.

One writeup does nothing to alleviate the actions/articles that have flown from that site since their inception.

Remember who ultimately holds their leash.

GrownUpGamer1959d ago

@ morganfell

Wow your are always defending >anything< negative about M$ and everything good or bad from Sony.

I'm not attacking you but 'm just making an observation.

Why o why1959d ago

Decoy octopus springs to mind..... lets throw everybody off the sent.... way to easy and predictable.

oof461959d ago

@colinzeal: Please refer to my blogpost. You'll see they've scored Sony exclusives higher than they have Microsoft exclusives.

Oh, and the Microsoft money pays for a feature called "The Human Angle", not the whole website.

showtimefolks1958d ago

ND the best development team in gaming Industry IMO, after the success of crash,jak,Uncharted and now last of us just imagine next time we see ND logo on a game and our expectations will be unreal yet met all the way

snipab8t1958d ago

Rockstar Games are the best developers ever. Undisputed.

LastDance1958d ago



Generic open world where ever you turn

showtimefolks1958d ago

RS are great but no way are they better than ND and that's coming from a gamer who loves GTA series

Spontogical1958d ago

GTA4's metacritic rating should be removed tbh. Game is no where near a 98.. not even a 95.

joe901958d ago

"ND the best development team in gaming Industry IMO" When it comes to only been capable of making linear platform games YEH, when it comes to any other inspiring thought NO.

ND are not even close to being the best devs out there.





Dean Rocket

Now they are devs who make more than 1 type of game and do it far better than Naughty Dog.

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DigitalAnalog1958d ago

Bu.. bu.. bu according to J-blaze, ND is ARROGANT I tell you... ARROGANT AND SHAMELESS.

MoveTheGlow1958d ago

Eh. I said the same thing a couple days ago - not every game has to be uplifting and easy, they don't all have to be conventionally "fun." The reviewer had a pretty dogmatic idea of what a game should be, and that's why it was a 7.5. No tinfoil moneyhats, no Dew and Doritos, just the opinion of a guy who I didn't agree with. I don't think this kills credibility, but if you played through TLOU (and let's face it, none of us have) and don't agree with him, you probably don't want to take the writer's reviews into account when you're making a purchasing decision.

s8anicslayer1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Holder: “I like what was said in the text. The reviewer seemed to be emotionally impacted by the experience of the game and the result was that it was not fun for them. By “not fun” I took that to mean it was difficult to experience some of the things in the game and it left a big impact on them emotionally and that wasn’t their cup of tea.”

That is exactlty what I said when the review was first posted, but what holder left out was that the reviewer downplayed dumb AI as the main fault! I am sure that if polygons reviewer wasn't grossed out by the game the score would not have been that low which is pretty unfair.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Wait a min remember Polygon HALO about 9.5 play again then do Polygon review last of us 7.5 lmao? I think u r Polygon M$ Xbox suck.

Great Playstation is best than Xbox both Polygon suck ass I don't listen review lol my real review rate game some them. I gave Halo 8.5, Gear of War 6.9 and other game shut up Lmfao draw.
Last of Us very good than Halo, gear of war suck review joke. It true.
Next PS4.

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Black-Helghast1959d ago

He's not even pissed at Polygon, he only said the truth. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I guess TLOU wasn't that dude at Polygon's cup of tea. 7.5 is still unfair for a masterpiece like TLOU but I'm glad to see ND not being douchebags about it. Other game devs should learn from these guys.

Sizzon1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Exactly, very good response from Holder.

UNGR1959d ago

And a horrid response from the fanboys. If only people acted a little more like Naughty Dog's Max Dyckhoff, fanboyism would be cured.

JoGam1959d ago

This is why to me Naughty Dog is my favorite developer company. These guy were so in to making TLOU that they know nothing about the PS4 besides what we know until the project is complete. Dedication.

Why o why1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Of course ungr.... another form of fanboyism is only ever seeing and talking about one side... you are what you speak mate because I didnt notice you telling any of those who were loving the low scores and complaining about the perfect tens anything. Guess they're not acting horridly like fanboys in you're tints are they....;)

People had every right to call them out. If there was no financial link to microsoft it may of been swept away like all the other lower scores.

Just look...... just look at the lengths ms will go to....the redditgate scandal is just the tip of the iceberg

TheSurg1959d ago


It is cured in many places, but on N4G you will not have an intelligent conversation. For a test write a 1 word comment saying "sony" and behold all the love, bubbles up, agrees and cheerful comments..even if it's totally off topic.

G20WLY1959d ago

A good, classy response. "Not fun" was an odd thing for Polygon to say though. It's a bit like reviewing Tetris and saying "I don't like puzzle games, 5/10".

^Thesurg, you didn't get a bubble out of that, but you might just lose one for this post, because you're off topic AGAIN! ;P

MRMagoo1231959d ago

@the surg

I am a sony fan thru and thru i want MS to shrivel up and die and feel they have been the worst thing to be introduced to gaming since foreve........................ . yet i somehow have 2 bubbles ,how do you explain that fact when i am nothing but positive to sony ? this being a sony fanboy site surely i would be swimming in bubbles huh ?

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Godchild10201959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

To tell the truth Naughty Dog as a Team of Developers, Programmers and other roles in the company have real humble employees.

Do you remember when Uncharted 3 was reviewed and given a lower than expected score? They were humble then and that was the second team. You hire great people, you get greatness out of it.

noctis_lumia1959d ago

dude like it or not accept it or not naughty dog is the best company of this gen

and i dont give a f...what others pure fangirls are saying its the truth and nuff said thx.

SpinalRemains1959d ago

Very true.

They have the luxury of being able to. They work tirelessly on the most beautiful and most fun games. They don't need their egos stroked.

The quality of their work speaks for itself.
The industry is a better place because of them.

Syntax-Error1958d ago

are arguably the best developers of this gen hands down. Even if the game was mediocre, I think I would still enjoy it. To me, having a great concept just means vast improvement with the next iteration. Look at Uncharted compared to Uncharted 2 and what RockStar has down with GTA since GTA 3. If this was a 9 or and 8, Imagine what they will accomplish with a sequel on next gen. Nothing short of amazing


"Other game devs should learn from these guys"


Jayjayff1959d ago

Okay, no. Of course the professionals wouldn't get on this kind of deal but there is a very big problem with what he did and Naughty Dog got it right. In a review, you are analyzing the game for what it tries to be and what it has accomplished. You need to be objective because the point is to do a proper and in depth research of everything the game stands for. Your personal affinity and things you enjoy should not sway the way you rate this game. This is a rather simple thing to ask, and if he's unable to properly separate his fancies with the objective truth then he is in fact a fail of a professional.
His review should only hold weight for those who share his affinities and should not be look as a proper review, because it isn't.

MattS1959d ago

I really wish the games community would learn that there are different forms of journalism, and different expectations when it comes to the journalist's personal voice.

Criticism is a subjective form of writing, not objective. For some reason this is accepted as truth in film, literature, dining, theatre, opera, music, and any other genre of entertainment you can think of. And yet there are gamers out there that continue to expect a review to read like an encyclopedia entry.

I haven't played The Last Of Us, so I'm not going to comment on the quality of Polygon's review, but what I will say is this: the writer is entitled to express his or her opinion. That's the very foundation of why criticism exists.

Jayjayff1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

There is no way to reply to you, Matt. So I will reply to myself.

I'm not denying the man his voice, in fact I stated how those who happen to have the same taste as him would find it helpful.

The problem with criticism is always subjective comes because it*criticism* tries to analyze what the certain matter is trying to do and accomplish, what that work of art stands for. At the very least it begs for you to make an effort to understand the author/authors voice.*Or else it just becomes a self absorbed paper who works only for you and the minority who happens to agree with every affinity of yours* He was put off because of violence and didn't understand how this grimy take on human nature was something that Naughty dog were actively shooting for and thus the violence was necessary as it is a core part of the story. I'm not saying he must like, or appreciate even. But to understand the work in order to do it justice.

(And I won't even argue about the fact that gaming*especially*, films and music do have things for what you can objectively decide what's better. Such as animation/AI/Graphics/. The technical part.)

1nsomniac1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

TBF I think it was more the reasons Polygon gave for the score that pissed people off the most.

Playing a game rated 'M' with a specific note that it contains graphic violence & then marking it down because it contains graphic violence is something only someone of a retarded disposition would think is acceptable.

I'm always one who bashes everyone for using 10/10 scores when I believe very few games are perfect but this guy was just acting like a pathetic child who lacked attention.

Justify your reasoning with a grown-up explanation not some bullshit over emotional crap about violence in an imaginary world made of flowers by pixies where violence is unspoken of or you'll be banished back to never-never land.

The guy needs to grow up, grow some balls & become a man!

oof461959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Have you actually read the review? His main issues were not with the violence. His issues were:
1. When AI partners would walk in front of enemies who hadn't been alerted to Joel's presence, yet still remained in their "unalert" state. It broke the immersion for him.

2. At certain points in the game, you couldn't sneak past enemies, you were forced to fight waves of bad guys. To him, it didn't jive with the tone and mechanics that had been set up for the rest of the game.

ReconHope1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

7.5 is still a good score. WTH... What is wrong with you people? You sound like a fanatic. Anyway I can't wait to play The Last of Us.

1nsomniac1959d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I agree & am always saying review scores are stupid & childish how they are at the minute but his reasoning's with his review were stupid.

I agree though 7.5 is still a great score from what I've heard\seen\read of the game though I would say 8-9/10 is a more realistic score, I'm not entirely sure its a perfect game but then I haven't played it fully myself yet.

I believe that if a game goes above & beyond in 1 department it can bring the score up in another department. For example I think there's only ever been about 3-4 perfect 10/10 games released EVER! 1 of them being Super Mario World (Original SNES); the story is absolute crap but the content & gameplay makes up for that making it a perfect game IMO.

If the story is as good as everybody claims & compensates for very minor shortfalls then this may well be number 5 perfect 10/10.

...We'll see.

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THE-COMMANDER1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

LOL who cares about Polygon's review!

I want Uncharted 4!!

"Max Dyckhoff: To be determined!"

an E3 trailer won't hurt.

WeAreLegion1959d ago

That's called class. It is one of the reasons we all respect ND.

ifritAlkhemyst1959d ago

LOL. ANd just the other day you were ready to cut the throat of Polygon and bleed it dry. Your actions and everyone else hear was the complete opposite of Naughty Dogs, now you're all praising them like they;ve done what you were all along.

DonMingos1959d ago

No, people are praising them not because they acted the same way we all would, but because they were way greater than it. They were greater than the fans or any reviwer, that is what we respect, they are pure class

supergravity1958d ago

@DonMingos Bubbs to you man, well said.

Pre-Ordered, prepared, and pretty darn proud of my favorite Playstation devs, Greatness Awaits!

ElitaStorm1959d ago

"a fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool."

Naughty Dog knows for sure how to flatter a fool. Everyone should learn something from them.