Don't Freak Out About That The Last of Us "Spoiler" You Saw Just Yet

Kotaku - Last week, I was chatting with my boss Stephen about The Last of Us. We were both playing through the game, and he was acting as a sounding board as I worked on my review. Suddenly, I got a worrying text from him: "A reader just let me know some a****** is in our comments spoiling the end of the game."

"Sh**," I thought.

A few minutes later, Stephen sent me a screencap of the "spoiler" in question. Turns out, it wasn't a spoiler at all, but rather a scenario invented by the commenter to troll other readers. No one got spoiled. But a lot of people thought they did.

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CaEsAr-1963d ago

Wooah.. what a relief.

Relientk771963d ago

Yea I thought you'd appreciate that lol also from the article:

"The better news is that the game is very, very difficult to spoil. More difficult than, say, BioShock Infinite or Game of Thrones, to use to recent examples."

so that's good too

CaEsAr-1963d ago

Thanks bro, hope it's true although I didn't read the whole message.

TOGC1963d ago

The game is easy to spoil...


PLEASE read this, I will try to post this in every TLOU article if possible. I am real gamer and I respect real gamers so I don't want your gaming feelings to be wounded.

BE AWARE of people PMing you in various websites, spoiling the ending of the game for you like they did for me! Yes I was a victim of someone who just joined N4G to do this crime and PM me (maybe other unlucky users too) about the ending of the game. It really made me bitter even worse than at the time of Heavy Rain by spoiling the identity of the Origami Killer. I contacted mods and admins and they banned him and they are now on high alert.

So, If you get random PMs from random ***** here or in other sites, starting by "Joel", DON'T CONTINUE reading. Just report to admins like cgoodno: I swear they made a deal to eradicate those demons once and for all. Criminals won't stop flooding, they will PM you, comment on TLOU articles or even other articles or even other ones. You won't like what you gonna read because it will kill the hype for you to play the game. You will say they may invent things, but unfortunately, after you check out the game code leaked in GOWA game inside the demo (it means, DON'T TAKE A LOOK), what criminals are PMing may be the true ending.

SO please, if I was a sacrificial victim, I call you from the other world to warn you. Just don't join me there, it is very sordid and morbid. You are our only hope, You are "THE LAST OF US " !

GribbleGrunger1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

PLEASE be aware people that the person calling himself Griblegrunger (One G) and has been sending out PMs with the ending is NOT me. I got one and PMed a mod. He's now banned.

Please understand that I would never do that to anyone, even someone I didn't like.

I've got an idea who it is, but I won't say because I COULD be wrong. But if you are reading this (*), I'm onto you and it's about time this community got you permanently banned. You are a low life, son.

Cheers guys. Bubbles for the support.

Snookies121963d ago

Just commented below, but yeah... That's the guy I got one from. :\

Relientk771963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

^READ THIS this is not the person sending out spoilers, but he is impersonating him

its griblegrunger with one b, and he joined N4G about an hour ago

RedHawkX1963d ago

its probably an ms employee doing it. Ms is paying people to go to reditt and other sites to do bad stuff to sonys games and to praise the crappy xbox one. we need to fight thig kind of bs with our wallets and not buy microsofts crap

MysticStrummer1963d ago

Yeah I got one. Didn't think for a second that it was you.

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Sevir1963d ago

Since the game has been declared a masterpiece experience and being ps3 exclusive. In fact a douche on N4G PMd me in hopes of accomplishing that goal of spoiling, but what he actually accomplished was being a blocked, and personifying the notion that he's a bitter douche. All this makes me want the game much more and come 14 June after E3 wraps up I'll have closed myself off from the world to play through ND's PS3 Swan Song.

Snookies121963d ago

I just got a PM on here from some A-hole who told me the ending. Not sure if it was true or not, but it pissed me off...

TOGC1963d ago

I could let you know if it is or not.

Mr-Dude1963d ago

Damn that sucks... Hope that fungus lowlife trips and knocks his teeth out

TOGC1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Only kidding people :P

Perjoss1963d ago

People in the UK who read the Metro got Game of Thrones totally spoiled for them the other day, they posted a large photo of something that happens in the show (not going to spoil it) and they really should NOT have done this. I'd love to know who thought it would be a good idea to have that picture right there in your face.

Allsystemgamer1963d ago

I'm on a blackout. I have it in my ps3 right now. Just enjoying a smoke before I continue in clicker territory. Damn. I gotta quit. These things are taking up my TLOU time...

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