PC Gaming Will Be The Platform Of Choice Next-Gen

GR writes: "For the past few months gamers have been busy comparing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as if they’re the only two contenders of next-gen. Not only are they not, they’re a distraction from the platform that has been alive for longer than most gamers: the PC. PC gaming might have fallen from the top of the totem pole just over a decade ago, but during its time of struggle it was refined. Today, millions of gamers across the globe consider it their primary platform, and that’s only the beginning."

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dbjj120882012d ago

Totally agree. All the issues gamers are having with always-online connections and such are easily fixed by going exclusively PC and Nintendo. Besides, Nintendo has greatest wealth of high-quality exclusives, so PC for indie and third-party, Nintendo for first-party.

dedicatedtogamers2011d ago

It really depends, though, if PCs will continue to get the shaft on multiplatform games. I'm not knocking the PC (I'm typing on my gaming PC right now) but it's the reality of the PC market.

aquamala2011d ago

"get the shaft on multiplatform games"

what do you mean? it's the best platform for multi platform games. I have consoles at all because of the exclusives.

dedicatedtogamers2011d ago

@ aquamala

Sometimes PCs get the best multiplats, yes, but sometimes they get a delayed version (GTA4, Dark Souls) or no copy at all (RDR). I'm not bashing PCs. I'm just pointing out that the same problems people had with PC gaming this gen may carry over into next gen, that's all.

Temporary2011d ago

I have a PC but consoles have way too many good developers making great games on it. PC has a lot of junk, definitely gems here and there, but a LOT of junk.

What I like about my PC is that I can use emulators and play virtually any other console ever in existence. You cant put a price on that.

CGI-Quality2011d ago

I think it's arguable who has the "greatest wealth of high quality exclusives". Saying otherwise shows a clear bias. I'm mainly a PC guy, now, but I won't miss out on the games the PS4, for example, will offer me.

windblowsagain2011d ago

Are you on something?

How the hell does Nintendo have the best exclusives, Mario and luigi, wtf. Repeat and rinse.

No the highest quality excluvies belong to SONY.

As for PC, it has benefits of doing everything else, plus gaming.

But for people that just want to chill on sofa playing top rated exclusives.


LOGICWINS2011d ago

Your opinion vs. his opinion. Argument is pointless.

Rusty5152011d ago

If I missed games like the last of us, uncharted, little big planet, infamous, killzone 2, metal gear solid 4, or resistance it would eat at me. I'm a PC gamer too, but I don't know how PC only gamers go without playstation exclusives. You guys are seriously missing out on some of the best games this generation and most likely next generation...

LOGICWINS2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Well, thats your opinion. I can't disagree with you. I've played all those games you mentioned(except for the Last of Us of course) and while they are good...none of them are earth shattering to the point that I would recommend anyone run out and buy a PS3 at this very moment. Same with the 360.

Killzone 2 had a fantastic multiplayer, but I remember having much more fun with BC2 due to the more open colorful open environments, destructability, and vehicular warfare.

LBP and MGS are niche franchise. LBP requires an extreme level of patience and ingenuity to build something worth while(a programmer would appreciate it). Enjoyment of MGS4 requires that you be a fan of MGS to begin with...not everyone is.

Resistance 1 and 2 were "okay". Resistance 3 was surprisingly good campaignwise(even though it had little replay value given the lack of four player drop in drop out online co-op which is a staple of the Halo franchise) but the multiplayer was subpar.

Infamous 1 and 2 were great despite Infamous 2 being a little too easy and lacking replay value(the level creator wasnt as fun as I expected.)

UC2 had an awesome campaign and fun co-op. The only problems with it is that ND ruined the multiplayer by constantly patching the multiplayer and dividing the community with various paid DLC packs.

I only played the first couple hours of UC3s campaign, but I sold it after a day. The game took control away from me too often and I didn't find the story as interesting as UC2's. I won't get into UC3's MP because we all know thats a blindfire perk abusing COD fest.

The few games that MADE this generation for me were Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, Sleeping Dogs(I think you can tell I LOVE Asian culture), Saints Row 2, Rock Band, Max Payne 3, Mass Effect 2, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As you can see, most of these games are multiplatform.

Honestly, from what I have heard of TLOU, it might have been on this list as well if its as good as people say it is.

Corpser2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Don't forget gaikai will come to pc, so pc-only gamers can play all these games

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Letros2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

PC has all the perks aside from a little more in upfront cost. Something as trivial as backwards compatibility is something I love about PC, among other things...

Did you know it has Oculus Rift? :-D

-MD-2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

It's the platform of choice right now. Nothing comes close.

Utalkin2me2011d ago

It's your platform of choice. People have different wants and needs.

Transporter472011d ago

except if you want to play all the games and make sure they run smoothly and look good you need at least an 800 dollar computer and i'm just talking about the Desktop.

from the beach2011d ago

I shall stick to my consoles, thankyouverymuch.

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