Square Enix Should Announce Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3

Hardcore Gamer: Square Enix not announcing a remake in progress would impact their future revenue. The remake is indeed that shiny, strong rope of hope that fans would ensure stays on top of charts.

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Garbanjo0011958d ago

They totally should. I doubt they will, but I'll be happy when e3 hits and they drop the reveal of FF15. Just saying, I love ff7 though. Playing ff8, and my girlfriend is playing ff9. Awesome, oh the memories.

-Mika-1958d ago

And exclusively for the vita. That would be so amazing.

DarkBlood1958d ago

Rather a ps3 or ps4 version instead, vita is fine too providing if they dont intend to go heavy on the game too much but ps4 is cross play with vita so yeah i almost forgot about that lol

Pixel_Enemy1958d ago

I want Crisis Core on my vita....

darthv721958d ago

but probably won't.

they know the fans want it but there must be some logical reason they won't. maybe they can't get the original team back together to really make it worth while?

shuuwai1958d ago

exclusively to x1.

/s off

Remember 2012, the movie, it's coming. heh.

Overall, They should use the ff9 art style for their next FF game.

gaffyh1958d ago

I just want a GOOD FF game at this rate, and I don't care what system it is on. FF13 is okay, but it's nowhere near as good as the older titles.

lpgs50001958d ago

As a sony fanboy I would normally say ps4 exclusive but to be financially feasible if would need to be multiplat. Everybody deserves to play a remake that cherished.

indysurfn1958d ago

LOL good one Mika, bubble up. Except I do disagree because I would have to run out and buy a Vita pronto! I need to save for all the ps4 games coming. And a wiiu as my second console (blank you Microsofty!).

I'd play any remake of a final fantasy 1-9 (sorry 10 your when game play started going downhill).

Are those suppose to be summon spells, ? ROFL just another character to me!

project_pat361957d ago

lol everybody hates -Mika-

anyone know his/her alternate, non-1 bubble account(s) ?

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wishingW3L1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

as long as Toriyama's not the director I'm all for it. And I hope they revamp many features to be more in-line with today's standards because if I just wanted the same game with the same gameplay then I would play the original one.

But what I fear is Square messing up with the personalities of the cast and stuff. Because after watching that terrible Advent Children movie and playing the "The Matrix" over-the-top Crisis Core game on the PsP, I don't think they understand what made FF7 be such a great game. They probably make Ruby weapon be easier so more people can beat it and stuff like that or maybe an scene of Cloud cutting a bullet (or maybe even an entire building) in half with his buster sword... FF7 was ridiculous but never as it was depicted on Advent Children or Crisis Core, now that was some tacky DBZ kind of stuff mixed in with some emo and The Matrix. FF7 was more varied, it had humor, a bit of romance, etc., it wasn't just over the top and dark (Cloud even dresses like a woman at some point of the game).

MWH1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I hear you.

I also wish they stop confusing males with females.

unfortunately though, final fantasy may never be the same without talents like the original team, namely Sakagushi and Uematsu, the once heart and soul of final fantasy.

1958d ago
krontaar1958d ago

No thanks. Something new, please.

reko1958d ago

that would be great.

Foxgod1958d ago

While that would be nice, its unlikely, very.

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