Square Enix’s Murdered: Soul Suspect could be one of E3′s best original games

Square Enix has made a big bet on Murdered: Soul Suspect, a very creative game that’s debuting at next week’s E3 trade show. Murdered aims to deliver a double blast of fear and anticipation by blending a detective story with a ghost tale.

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barefootgamer1958d ago

This looks interesting! Hopefully it won't suck.

Sadie21001958d ago

This looks very cool. I hope it lives up to the concept.

darkronin2291958d ago

A supernatural LA Noire? Yes please.

CaptainYesterday1958d ago

I was thinking the same thing I loved LA Noire so this has got my full attention :)

porkChop1958d ago

Is it open world? Or do you just mean the detective aspects?

darkronin2291951d ago

just the detective stuff. seems open, but I don't know if it's open world.