Gamers Grow Increasingly Incensed with Microsoft's Xbox One, but will Sony's PS4 remain the hero?

With each new announcement about the upcoming launch of the Xbox One Microsoft seems to be making a few more enemies.

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xHeavYx1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Sony could take a huge lead in the gaming business if they play their cards right. No online requirements and no crazy fees when it comes to used games will win them a lot of new users, they have to clarify where they stand on that though

Smoovekid1961d ago

They have already confirmed that you do not need an online connection, and the used games are up to the devs and publishers.

dedicatedtogamers1960d ago

People are asking all the wrong questions. "Why wouldn't Sony do it if Microsoft is doing it?" and "Why would 3rd parties do it with Xbox One and not PS4?"

These are the wrong questions. The questions we first must answer are "Is the PS4 even capable of this sort of infrastructure, seeing how it will not have a constant internet connection?" and "Is it 3rd parties or Microsoft who are really pushing this initiative?"

If it's Microsoft, then 3rd parties may simply be going along with Microsoft's plan on Xbox One and then going along with Sony's plan on PS4. It's what they do. They're third parties.

wagnus1960d ago

Yes these third party publishers that are "being protected" are getting ticked off by the radical change in policies (Most Pubs never asked for this). Have fun buying them exclusives from the companies you're pissing off, Microsoft.

darthv721960d ago

while it may be true Sony says you don't "need" an internet connection. you know they really "want" you to have one. they stress that there are more benefits to having your system connected. while that is stiil different than mandatory....all it takes to convince the public of Sony's plans is the right game or feature.

they are like any other big company that can be compared to politicians. they tell you what you want to hear to convince you but really they have another agenda. the only way to keep a company/politician in line is we have to hold them accountable for their actions. in politics we do that with votes. in retail we do that with sales.

we know Ms is telling it like it is and Sony has been coy but they should still be held to the same criticism as Ms in this regard. both platforms have the ability to turn it off but while we know one won't then the lens of truth now focuses on the other.

say one thing but do another is too common a practice today. Sony can't hide behind the "its not us, its them" shield forever.

Sono4211960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


ooops I replied to the wrong comment.. :/ mega31 is down there VV

Why should we be so paranoid that Sony is going to somehow f*** us over with the PS4? Just because Microsoft is doing so with the XbOne were assuming Sony will with the PS4? That doesn't make sense.

Based off of their track record there is nothing too be worried about except maybe them pricing the console high but I think they've learned from their mistakes. There is no reason to treat Sony like Microsoft. Not trusting them BECAUSE of Microsoft makes 0 sense to me, that's like not trusting Mcdonalds because of something Burgerking did. Paranoid people like you are going to look foolish after Sony clears everything up, guarantee it.

Godlovesgamers1960d ago

No need for an online connection is good, but lets not give Sony too much credit just yet as the whole "used games' thing is up to devs and publishers on the xbone as well.

If Sony backs the devs and publishers and ends up implementing the same used game policy as M$ with their first party studios, then we'll know where Sony's loyalty really lies.

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Rusty5151960d ago

Don't be so sure. You're forgetting that Microsoft's loyal fanbase are ignorant hardcore call of duty and madden players that know nothing about video games, but will buy the xbone just because it says xbox on it. It's kind of sad that Microsoft has to market to the uniformed causals because they're the only ones that don't see their bullshit.

mega311960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Dude why are you attacking gamers, let them get whatever the hell they want to get, have some respect, seriously grow up, if they want to get an XBOX One let them

No one should attack another person, people will decide with their money, if you dont like it, ok cool but stop trying to express your dislike we got it, drop it and leave it alone jeez.

Every Company milks consumers, Microsoft with Halo, Gears, Fable

PS with Resistance, God of War, and Uncharted, Killzone

Some one could come and say you will buy anything with a PS brand on it.

Just have some respect, we are all gamers

Rusty5151960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

@mega31: I'm not attacking them. If anything, I'd be helping them by telling them not to buy the X1. They're basically paying full retail price to rent games, their Internet could go off and not be able to play offline, you still have to pay an online fee, used game policy, always listening kinect, etc. Don't even try to defend this.

Corpser1960d ago

And Sony's fanbase don't play COD and Madden? The top 5 selling games of all time are exactly the same on ps3 and 360, they are all call of duty's and gta4. Stop thinking their fanbase are any different or play different games

TongkatAli1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Idk man some X-box fanboys i know got a Vita and they are mad chilled. Really i was in a party chat and three people in the party said they had a 360 and not a PS3 and they were very nice and not immature.

You can attack Rusty all you want, but he looking out for you, he is right.

FunAndGun1960d ago


Just as someone can decide what to do with their own money, someone can also decide what to do with their own voice.

mega311960d ago

You can not force people to change their minds, each console is good for something.

I keep saying no one should just ASSUME PS is perfect, what if instead of DRM you had to pay for PSN, they never mentioned anything about PSN, or they might have some sort of DRM, NOT THE SAME, but entirelly different.

All I am saying Rusty is everyone should be VERY CAREFUL, even if Sony said you can play offline, or there is no checks, there maybe something else.

Remember maybe Sony is making something and they want microsoft go first, because if they do, they get the complaining and screaming, and they will see, and then if the xbox one still sells well, they may implement some form of DRM to the system as an update.

BECAUSE OF MICROSOFT, everyone should be cautious before saying Sony wont do anything. Because why would one company do something like this, if another isn't?

So you guys should be very careful and not assume. its important

mega311960d ago

@FunGun, I agree, Free speech is important, but you should not force someone to change their minds about a console because you dont like it, let them judge.

You vote with your wallet, and they vote for yours, as i said, people should be very careful now, because Microsoft Started something which may very well be the future and its a bad one

YNWA961960d ago

Rusty, you have proven yourself the lowest form of troll here so far... I guess call of duty players on PS3 are somehow different. Right?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1960d ago

The used games deal isn't really up to Sony though. It's publisher driven. I mean they could say that you can't make games on ps4 if you require used game fees but that would potentially give Microsoft a lot of exclusives, if publishers were confident enough in selling their game on just one console (not likely). I just don't see publishers saying, "yea the xbone version of our game has a used game fee but not the ps4 version."

That being said, if Sony did take a stance against it, it could possibly mean it won't happen on xbone either, so everybody wins.

Anon19741960d ago

Again...we already know the PS4 doesn't ever have to go online if you don't want. Why do so many keep glossing over that point? It's not like it's a secret or that Sony's been unclear on this point.

Obviously if you never have to take the console online they're not going to be able to implement the sort of DRM scheme that MS is proposing.

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ArnoldSchwarzenigra1960d ago

Regardless, I doubt Sony could fuck things up to the Microsoft extent.

-EvoAnubis-1960d ago

It's entirely possible that the PS4 will have something similar, but I don't think their policies will be nearly as draconian. E3 is next week, so we'll see very soon how this situation plays out. As it stands right now, Microsoft seems to be digging their own grave.

MoonConquistador1960d ago

No its not, Sony have already stated it. You don't ever need to connect to the internet if you don't want to.

Any DRM will be implemented by devs or publishers

-EvoAnubis-1960d ago

I wasn't talking about the online requirement, but more the policy on used games and renting/loaning games and all that (allowing the publisher to do as they will).

Like I said, we'll see how it plays out next week.

C-Thunder1960d ago

The renting, loaning stuff still requires an Internet connection to prevent. problem on PS4

-EvoAnubis-1960d ago

True, but while it's not a system requirement like it is on the XB1, Sony might end up leaving the option open to publishers. It's not impossible, so I'm looking forward to next week when I can know exactly what the score is.

RiPPn1960d ago

Even if Microsoft somehow said scap all this, we made a huge mistake, we are delaying this a year and making this right. The trust factor is so blown, I'm not sure this is something they can recover from.

Of course if they show a couple shiny new games Monday, wouldn't be surprised a few people fall back into line, I'm just hoping the majority of gamers are more intelligent than I fear and don't fall for it.

DarthJay1960d ago

What I don't understand is why Microsoft is taking the fall for the developers. If they don't make a penny from used game sales and devs dictate what games can and can't be sold or traded or borrowed or whatever, why do they even care?

SpinalRemains1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Theyre getting a cut for sure. They designed the machine around DRM and theyre getting a slice.

Essentially what they've done, is legally stolen the monies from Gamestop and Gamefly and redistributed it to themselves and the Pubs of those games.

Why build your way into a used game market when you can control it out of the gate?
It is totalitarian and disgusting.

That and the machine relies on clouds and fairy dust and still only has less than half the capabilities of the PS4.

Forced console DRM, Kinect and 24 hour check ins and a weaker machine, fees to play multiplayer etc......
Why on Earth would any gamer want to buy this over a PS4?

Letros1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Most likely because it's what publishers want, and they will get the game on their system. If publishers don't agree with a companies stance on used games, they might not even bother with the system.(EA on Wii U)

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