The best pokemon rom hacks

Paul tells us about his Top Pokemon User made rom hacks

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Lockon1963d ago

Ruby destiny life guardians was really fun.

russy911963d ago

have to give that one a go its on my list :)

Mr_Writer851963d ago

Only two?

Is there a hack that you go to Kanto, Johto, Orange islands and Hoenn?

Lockon1963d ago

Well theres PokeMMO. Its pretty good. They're gonna add in every region one day.

russy911963d ago

i plan to do more write up as i play more of the hacks only wanted to write about the 2 i knew i depth

not sure on that one you could check pokecomunity forums

RockmanII71963d ago

I'm looking forward to Pokemon Generation 0, it's a prequel of Gen 1 where you play as either Professor Oak or Agitha.

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