How Naughty Dog Reinvented The Apocalypse For “The Last Of Us”

By Kevin Ohannessian

When you decide to create a post-apocalyptic game with zombies, how do you make it your own? We spoke with developers Naughty Dog about how they created a rich story set in the ruined world of The Last of Us.

Sony’s new game The Last of Us has what sounds like a pretty typical set up: you play as the grizzled veteran Joel escorting 14-year-old girl Ellie across America, now a ruined landscape filled with murderous humans and the feral Infected. But the folks behind the game at Naughty Dog have tried to make it an atypical apocalyptic tale. The critically acclaimed game (reviewers have called it "remarkable," "genuinely surprising," "a new entrant into the discussion for this year’s best title.") is visually stunning but is also a character-and relationship-driven combination of story and strategy that marks a departure from standard zombie offerings. Here, Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckman and game director Bruce Straley discuss how the studio approached a classic genre.

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