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Taking on a similar form to the battle of the DS and PSP, the 3DS released prior to the Vita armed with non-glasses 3D. It didn’t quite manage to springboard off of the success of the DS, but due to the late release of the Vita it had plenty of time for damage control. A few months after release, the 3DS saw a drop in price and Ambassador Titles at the expense of Satoru Iwata’s wages. Following the price cut, the sales of the 3DS picked up a lot and it was considered a success.

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YoungPlex1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Wow really good comparison I'm actually surprised how detailed the game chart is. Nice job! If anyone is on the ropes on which to buy and could only choose one, this is a good comparison of games to go by. I have an XL with 16 or 17 great games and getting Project X zone in a couple more weeks, but am planning on seeing what Vita has this e3 and hope it has a permanent price drop this year it could really help it. I must admit, the 3DS XL is a fine, fine, handheld and providing me with great games year after year; I know when I get a Vita I will have a ton of PS Plus and other titles to play like Soul Sacrifice. Great handhelds!

TongkatAli1957d ago

Get Gucamelee, best Metroidvania game on PSN.

YoungPlex1957d ago

Is it really? I like Metroid and I like Castlevania so I guess I'll give it a go ahead when I get a Vita. If rumors are true I'll be getting it as soon as the price drop comes with the biggest memory card available with Soul Sacrifice, and Assassins Creed; the rest I already downloaded with PS Plus way back when they were available... I wonder who disagrees with you? hmm...

dedicatedtogamers1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I'm in love with handhelds. I have multiple consoles and a gaming PC, but I still spend most of my gaming time on 3DS and Vita. This comparison was great, btw. One thing the author missed, though. Was the screen! Both systems have a great screen. 3DS is, well, 3D, which is really neat in some games, while Vita has an HD (I think it's HD) screen that just pops with colors and details.

Canary1957d ago

Same here.

And the fact that the next generation of consoles is set up to be a choice between an elephant turd, a camel turd, and a pigeon turd makes that dynamic unlikely to change.

mario191957d ago

Can I get my handheld and then go home to play it?

guitarded771958d ago

Yeah, I never get it when people say "Vita has no games... 3DS is where it's at". I don't care what someone's personal preference is, buy which one you want... hell, buy both. But don't tell me the Vita has no games. It has an impressive catalog and is growing.

tubers1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

" I have an interest to go back and do this again, but this time including 3DS Digital titles.

The problem with doing so is the abundance of shovelware and puzzle games on the 3DS Store which would greatly skew the numbers in the 3DS‘ favour (by over 100 games)."

I wonder if there's a lot of people who also likes to spend on these so called 3DS shovelware.

Shinobi1001957d ago

I think the release of 'Gummi Bears Minigolf' on 3DS last week perfectly illustrates this shovelware he's referring too. Vita's PSN update this week alone had Limbo, Quell Memento, Toro's Friend Network, and Paint Park Plus, four extremely high quality games/apps, two of which were free. Sony is pushing for quality digital titles WAY harder than Ninty is for the 3DS. The author's point is valid

Williamson1957d ago

Both great handhelds with games that give different experiences.

Xof1957d ago

The problem that arises is, chiefly, that those experiences--while both great--are wildly inconsistent.

The Vita has spikes and valleys. It's either got an awesome new game... or a month-long (or longer) period of no-releases (the longest one was what, 4 months last year? Yikes). The 3DS, on the other hand, gets a fairly steady stream of releases.

Say what you will about quantity v. quality, a steady stream of content for a console is hugely beneficial. Particularly retail content.

TongkatAli1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

They're both getting steady stream of content, but whatever I'm a douchebag X )

Hicken1957d ago

Yet they're about neck and neck for games, overall, over the same period of time(through the Vita's life, currently in its seventeenth month). And, looking at the list, the Vita averages better than one quality release a month.

In fact, according to the list, both have had the same number of months with no releases: one. Kinda shows you weren't paying attention.

Overall, the 3DS has had 3 months with no retail releases, with two consecutive months. The Vita hasn't gotten to that age yet, but given that the PS4 will be out, I doubt there'll be no content for it at around the same time.

As for quality, as I said, you can pick out enough games that qualify to average greater than one for every month of the Vita's life so far.

There's still just a PERCEIVED lack of games(or quality games) on the Vita. What's actually there is quite plentiful, and pretty damn good.

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