Overly Attached Xbox 360 Gamers

Quote: "When someone utters the phrase “emotional attachment” what comes to mind?

A loved one, perhaps? The idea of a home, rather than a house? A sense of belonging? Something you would value enough to consider worth going out of your way for?

What about gaming? What is “emotional attachment” relevant to gaming?

David Cage would have you believe that it’s related to uncanny valley visuals, and polygon counts which display emotions like never before. He’s an idiot. An idiot with some good ideas, but still an idiot. Then there’s Telltale Games, who did with barely any polygons what Cage and Quantic Dream struggled to do with a lot more, with The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain respectively. But what if “emotional attachment” went beyond the games and factored into the experience as a whole? "

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xHeavYx2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

"no Sony fan wants to keep their PS3, yet most of the MS fans want to keep their Xbox 360."
What the hell??? Where is that info at? I'm a PS3 user and I have no intention of getting rid of it.
The only reason why a 360 owner wouldn't get rid of it, is because they are not getting the Xbone

sashimi2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Seriously -_- i still have my broken original PS somewhere and PsOne,Ps2,Psp. They ain't going anywhere.
I also love how Sony gamers are getting dragged and included into crap that M$ started.

Plus that story pic scares the daylight out of me since i haven't played ME3 yet i haven't seen her face yet and tali is my favorite.

Army_of_Darkness2012d ago

mainly cause I have a Huge back list of games to play still!

KwietStorm2012d ago

Misery loves company. It needs it.

Blackdeath_6632012d ago

also keeping my ps3 because i am confident they will continue to support it

RedHawkX2012d ago

ps3 has a blueray player in it everyone better be keeping that so you can have a blueray player in mutliple rooms. theres no reason to keep an xbox 360 unless you want to see another rrod or see your xblive subscription renew for 80 dollars a year.

gamertk4212012d ago

@redhawk $80??? That's 2 years plus a huge burrito with all the accoutrements! I have never paid more than $40 for a year of Xbox Live, and usually it's $30 or $35. Just buy it on sale.

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GenericNameHere2012d ago

"no Sony fans want to keep their PS3"

Lol what? Where's the proof of this? The generic "my friend doesn't want his, but wants to keep his 360, and since therefore I observed my ONE friend do this, EVERY PS3 fan must therefore don't want to keep their PS3s"?

"A strange phenomenon that I have witnessed is that pretty much every gamer who swears by their PS3 is willing to let go of their PS3, together with their games, which will not be backwards compatible, in order to acquire a PS4 at some point. "
I "swear" (what does that even mean in this context?) by my PS3, but I'm not gonna trade my PS3 and my games for a PS4. Is this author just making things up to downplay PS3 fanboys? And he starts off with calling David Cage an idiot...

Yeah, I'm just gonna go and downvote this site. Felt horrible even going into the site and giving them a click.

ABizzel12012d ago

Agreed, and for those that do it's because the PS4 looks like an actual beneficial upgrade to the PS3, whereas the X1 looks like a consumer nightmare. So I too hold my 360 dear, because I know it's the last MS console I'll have for a while.

As for my PS3 I've have great times with, and will continue, but when the PS4 comes out, nothing but exclusives will be bought for the PS3, until they run out.

Divine2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

this guy is speaking insanity . i have about 3 ps3's in my house. the only changes being made is that one is moving over for the ps4.

Tyre2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

@xHeavYx That is entirely true. Most Xbox owners keep their XBox360 because of the Xbone. Me included.
I'll keep my 360 but my nextgen console will be a PS4.

gamertk4212012d ago

Good luck with that controller

Tyre2012d ago

It's also for this reason: by buying the competitors product over theirs it will send a louder message. Buying a ps4 would actually be boycotting Xbox One.

If PS4 install base greatly outpaces Xbox One, in order for developers to survive, they'd have to bring their games to PS4 and the majority will support different measures than Microsoft...MS will have to change their policies or bail-out.

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snipab8t2012d ago

No fanboys are more over attached than PC owners.

isarai2012d ago

Um.... "PC owners".... you mean like you?


Corpser2012d ago

Huh? article is about people wanting to keep their old consoles, what does that have to do with PCs? There's no reason to keep an old PC since your new PC can play all the same games

isarai2012d ago

well.... sometimes you get the occasional game that refuses to work with a new OS

KwietStorm2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Man people love to hate David Cage. Yes, The Walking Dead did a great job at putting emotion on the screen. Heavy Rain was just a different approach. David Cage wants hyper realistic visuals because it fits his vision, period. There is absolutely no reason to call him an idiot because of it. It's not like his approach is all graphics and no story. He just wants the visual fidelity to match the acting and emotion. The rest of this is just..a boy and his keyboard.


Stop taking money from Microsoft CaViE! The PS3 And the Xbox 360 are the cars in my garage that I will never sell.

project_pat362012d ago

laina is actually pretty cute, she could stay on my ass all day I wouldn't mind one bit :)

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