Six months out, Nintendo's Wii U is a harder sell than ever

Nintendo's Wii U launched at retail just over six months ago to a lukewarm reception from critics. An even more tepid response from consumers followed, with week-one sales trailing behind those of its predecessor. A massive day-one patch, missing functionality (Nintendo TVii, anyone?) and an ever-expanding launch window for games, some of which still aren't available (Pikmin 3, anyone?) are just a few of the many issues that overwhelmed the discussion last November. Company head Satoru Iwata even publicly apologized.

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Animavicion1957d ago

"Everyone on the internet says they hate Nintendo, yet Nintendo sells millions of consoles, are all these haters Nintendo users? Everyone seems to have 3DS now, a console according to blogs is supposed to be dead."


Wintersun6161957d ago

Since when does Wii U = 3DS?

Animavicion1957d ago

lol, I'm wrong, I meant "nintendo" :p. but N4G will not let me edit the comment ... I should read better my comments, thank you for correcting me. :)

ABizzel11957d ago

Nintendo needs:

1. A barrage of 1st party games releasing from E3 2013 until E3 2014. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Windwaker HD, Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, SMT x Fire Emblem, Wii U Fit, and Yarn Yoshi are a great start for this year. Next year we need to see Pokemon, Zelda U, Retro's new game (if not at E3 this year), Earthbound U, Kid Icarus U, New IP's, and more.

2. A price drop down to $199 - $249 (Wii U development cost is nor more than a Kinect 360 bundle). People aren't stupid Nintendo, now that consoles are using dedicated PC parts we can find out how much your console is really worth, and you're not taking a loss on the Wii U.

3. Do better with 3rd party, or find games that fit with your audience. Game many consider to be "core" don't sell on Nintendo's consoles. Make smart 3rd party choices like Sonic games, Namco's anime games, Lego games, cartoon based games, Pop-Cap like games, Movie tie-in's (I hate to say that). Unfortunately there's a rep for Nintendo and for the most part it's true. Nintendo is for Nintendo fans, kids, and casual gamers so stick with you audience and sell to them.

4. Improve the console. It's too late for better specs., but less loading, improved online, more apps, innovative features, better use of the table controller, sell a second tablet controller and make games for two.

That's all Nintendo needs to be more successful than they currently are. Will it push them to 100 million like the Wii. No, but they can hope for anywhere from 30 - 50 million if they improve and market more than they're doing and benefit from the X1's horrible reveal.

TongkatAli1957d ago

Millions have bought Playstaion and X-box too. What is your point ?

showtimefolks1957d ago

Who cares yes it's selling slow but guess what if they show bunch of games than it has the chances to really sell well this holiday season

I am disappointed that Nintendo wasn't better prepared at launch but let's not kill something that's barely out the door. Also the way MS is going wiiu could be the only real competition for Sony this gen

Nintendo show a lot of games

Zelda HD remake show game play please
If possible show new Zelda

Please introduce a least few new IP's

Aceman181957d ago

once they announce a price drop and show me

new mario 3d
fire emblem
new zelda

i'll pick one up

DA_SHREDDER1957d ago

Animavicion, don't worry about what these haters that don't even own a WiiU have to say. Don't apologize, and please don't explain yourself. You're entitled to your own opinions just like these haters do, just do like I do, game on the system of your choice, whether it be a Xbone or a 3ds. Half these haters live in there moms basements and are just mad cause they have to save up their lunch money and can only afford one system. lol.

TongkatAli1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

You probably just explained his life, LOL. Anime avatar says it all.

Anime avatar: check

Always showing support for one system: check

Saying delusional things that don't make sense: check

I think you described the person you're supporting.

jakmckratos1957d ago

Forgive me if I'm wrong for thinking this but I do believe despite anything Wii U is dead with NON-EXCLUSIVE 3rd party games. They will almost certainly have better counterparts on the XB1 and PS4 for the same price. One would be foolish to purchase the title for the weaker console if they have a stronger one availible.

Nintendo must focus on their exclusives AGAIN.

3-4-51957d ago

Why create this article 3 days before E3, when obviously Nintendo is going to show and announce plenty of new Wii U games.

How doesn't this writer comprehend this ?

You can't write an article like this and expect to be taken seriously, 3 days before an event that is all about showing off new games.

Mounce1956d ago

Remember that time when the 3DS price was impaled by almost 50% because sales were shit and that Nintendo failed so horribly that every top executive got a massive slash in their paychecks because of 3DS's failure?

Oh wait, You apparently don't.

Oh hey! Wii U hasn't gotten a Giant price slash to improve sales at a loss yet! But look at the 3DS! It's selling like hotcakes! That must mean Nintendo isn't doing anything wrong! LOL

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dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

Vita is also struggling, which leads me to believe (based on the limited info we have) that the market itself is struggling, not just the Wii-U. Even the 3DS is merely selling okay (it's selling half of what the DS did by this point).

Price point will be king. Just watch. PS4 and Xbox One will come out, Wii-U will be the de facto "cheapest", and by this time next year we'll be seeing all these "journalists" turn around and say "see? I told you Wii-U would be successful. We just had to give it time".

Blackdeath_6631957d ago

no games will be the deciding factor something which the wiiu is lacking and so was the vita. i think people are willing to pay money for a gaming console. i don't think wiiU's situation would change much if at all when the XBone and ps4 are released.

Blackdeath_6631957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

thats why i said "so WAS the vita" in the past. i am aware sony has announced many games for the vita for 2013

lizard812881956d ago

IDK, I work in retail and people are cheap as shit. I have had people get mad at me for sales tax on candy. 70 cents for a candy bar was too much for them....

derp: but, but, it says 65 cents...
Me: yes, that is before tax.
Derp: well then, I don't want it!

I think it maybe split. Us gamers know what we want, the prices, ect. and are willing to pay X amount, but for other people, the price can turn people off. console, game(s), controller, charger, batteries, ect, drive up the price.

Most people are just really cheap

AsimLeonheart1957d ago

The Gamecube was the cheapest console of its generation with all the Nintendo first-party games and even some third party but that did not help it sell well. Why do you expect that low price and limited number of first party games will help Wii U when it did not help the Gamecube? Nintendo faithful will buy the console for the handful of sparse first party releases but the general public needs steady stream of a variety of games including third party games. PS4 and Xbone will be providing stiff competition very soon with a variety of popular third party and first party games which will attract the general public looking to play the biggest titles. That is why the future looks grim for the Wii U.

dedicatedtogamers1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Bringing up the Gamecube is a perfectly good comparison, but here is why I don't think it's a true 1:1 situation.

- Gamecube didn't launch first. It launched third (after the PS2 and the Dreamcast). Wii-U launched first.
- Gamecube was a follow-up to the N64, which was not a "flop" but it was also another low-selling Nintendo console. Wii-U is a follow-up to Nintendo's highest-selling console of all time
- Gamecube was not technically the cheapest. It was right around the same price as PS2 for most of the gen and it was $50-100 cheaper than the Xbox. Wii-U will be as much as $150 cheaper than PS4/X1 depending on the prices of those consoles

I'm not saying the Wii-U has an easy and problem-free road ahead of it, but it won't be a repeat of the Gamecube (in my opinion)

Firan1957d ago

"(it's selling half of what the DS did by this point)"

Mind giving a source? Doesn't seem right to me.

Worldwide sales 2 years after launch
DS: 35.61
3DS: 31.09

Far from half I'd say.

miyamoto1957d ago

PS3 will be he less expensive consooe this year.

avengers19781957d ago

Rumors have the price of XB1 and PS4 around the same as Wii U 350-400... If true it won't have much of an advantage in that area.
Still remains to be seen, and I don't think Nintendo will drop the price this soon

Shnazzyone1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

It's definitely going to do fine in the coming gen. It is the only system with true backwards compatiblity so it can be argued that upon the release of the xbone and ps4 it's going to be the cheapest next gen console with easily the most playable games for many months until the competitors prove themselves and their price tag.

Sony could be number 1 this gen but not if they do anything like ps3 where it's 4 months with resistance and really nothing else of note. All at a $600 price tag.

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DivineAssault 1957d ago

well, lets see if they have any new games to show during the ND since they think the most popular gaming convention around the world isnt worth their time.. They have to show some 1st party games beyond pikmin or im selling it.. I can always re buy it after a significant price cut, hardware redesign, & bigger library of titles are here..

Im sure they have some type of pics or footage of smash bros & bayonetta but show some NEW effin games & tell me theres some great games coming soon because im losing faith

bjmartynhak1957d ago

I would buy if it was not the stupid region lock the games have.

I`m living in UK and after one year I`ll come back to Brazil. So, -1 sell.

chestnut11221957d ago

I am a very Proud Owner of A Wii U. Great Console.

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