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When will the zombie craze end?

Avid GameRevolution readers know full well that I absolutely loved Telltale's The Walking Dead, but what may not be readily apparent to everyone is that my affinity toward that five-episode game experience had nothing to do with an interest in the zombie apocalypse, despite the fact that I also happen to enjoy the AMC television series. What truly sucked me into that experience was its well-crafted narrative and memorable characters. While Undead Lab's third-person, action-heavy XBLA title State of Decay may feature zombies, it lacks the aforementioned elements that drew me into the first season of TWD.

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TrendyGamers2051d ago

Downloaded the demo, just need to find time to play it.

dbjj120882051d ago

I feel like the zombie craze will never end. People like to shoot stuff too much.

BattleTorn2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )



"Those who love open-world, sandbox-esque games (unlike myself)"

There's where the author and I split ways...

knifefight2051d ago

Gettin' kinda sick of zombies.