The 3 Biggest Fears Of E3 2013

FleshEatingZipper writes: Game consoles are far complex now than they were when we were born – this is true even of those born after the turn of the century. They don’t simply play games, they play movies, music and more and they do it online through an ever-strengthening internet. Unfortunately for the platform holders, their ability to communicate what their game system does is becoming a more convoluted affair with plenty of hard questions and no easy answers. From here, our three biggest fears of E3 – the biggest stage for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to deliver their message – emerge.

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Godmars2901959d ago

How can MS get control of their message at this point when its pretty apparent that that message is anti-consumer?

TFXR1959d ago

It only sounds anti-consumer because we don't know the whole story. Give it a week and Sony may be just as anti-consumer, we just don't know enough.

showtimefolks1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Yeh that's not happening

Sony has already confirmed they will eat the system play offline
DRM is up to publishers
No need to have move sensor on all the time

Only question I have for Sony is will PSN be free?
How will the plus service improve
Give us cross game chat for free Willie keeping PSN free too

Sony is in much better position since they go last conference wise so they will know what MS have talked about and not.

MS also cancelled their round table talks after their conference so I have no clue how any sense able gamer can defend a company that's going out of its way to mess with us

Xbox 360 did so well and the brand is strong but guess what not anymore, you don't bite the hand that feeds you and casuals aren't gonna spend $500 on a system day one it's us the core gamers who buy systems day one

This gen Sony is doing everything right
Last gen MS did a lot of things right

Nintendo as Usual moving at to own pace for better or worst

Revolver_X_1958d ago

Everytime XB1 details emerge it just adds more questions then answers.
Sony issues straightforward statements like, "An internet connection is not required to play games on PS4." Then, Xbox fans are all like, "What does Sony mean!?"

hellvaguy1956d ago

"DRM is up to publishers"

The ol' point the finger at someone else blame game.

Ya that happens at my work all the time and the end result is always the same--the little guy gets screwed.

imt5581958d ago

He is a TV guy when he enjoyed Microsoft's conference, right?