Why the Xbox One is scaring gamers

In the two weeks since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, gamers have raised some questions about its latest-generation console: will the Xbox One remain “always” connected to the internet? Will the console work with used games? And how much information can the console glean on any one user at any given time?

Those concerns turned into anxiety, as Microsoft continued to be vague about its policies.It said these questions would be clarified “at a later time.”

Yesterday, the company set up a landing page to address the most important concerns gamers have with the console. But Microsoft’s announcement has only further incited gamers.

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Ray1861961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

When the MS presentation at E3 begins they should be greeted with at least 5 minutes of sustained Booing. Don't let their employees fake out the viewing audience with their fake cheering and exuberance like they did at the reveal.

Let MS know exactly how you feel. I really hope that there is a live twitter feed.

JBallerX1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

This is definitely a change for gaming no doubt, but do you think Sony should be booed if/when they announce the same policy at e3? That we should all let Sony know how we feel about their policy if/when they adopt the same one?

Supermax1961d ago

It's scareing gamers because there's no news about games,show games and great ones at that.ps4 has been showing games for months now.