My Internet connection is fine, Microsoft. I’m worried about yours

The PA Report: "So this system will work for you if you have a slow Internet connection, since the digital handshake shouldn’t require a ton of data. It should also work if your Internet goes up and down, since you can just tell it to dial in when your Internet does work. My own Internet works fine 99 percent of the time, so I doubt I’ll have a problem with this requirement. In fact, I’m not worried about the often-on requirement on my end at all.

I’m worried about Microsoft."

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xHeavYx2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Everyone seem to forget about people who live in rural areas, or the military, who don't have a steady internet connection

vishmarx2050d ago

or just a bad internet day....shouldnt mean no gaming day

Blackdeath_6632050d ago

well you can go offline for 24 hours so a bad internet day that lasts that long is a really bad internet day.

for me just the idea of the catastrophe that could possibly be caused if someone decides to hack MS is the most off-putting thing that means no one will be able to play any games for however long it takes to fix the problem. and i have a strong feeling someone who is annoyed by this DRM will go ahead and try i think its more than likely this will happen atleast once next gen

kneon2050d ago


I think you mean WHEN someone hacks into Microsoft. They aren't making many friends with their actions.

Foxgod2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Good luck hacking a cloud farm, theres thousands of portal servers on the MS azure cloud, controlling more then a hundred thousand cloud servers.

Putting that down is almost as difficult as putting down the internet for a whole continent.

Then you would have to send a DDos against all the portal servers in the cloud, that would be a major hack operation that would require thousands of hackers to work together as a cyber army.

Its extremely unlikely that that will ever happen, you might as well try to put the internet down.

GameSpawn2050d ago

All it'll take is one long DOS attack and everyone's xbox becomes a big black brick. The XBL network has already seen downtimes that have been long enough to exceed the so called 24 hour requirement.

Leave it to Microsoft to cater to the minority of people that have 100% reliable internet (hint: internet isn't 100% reliable ANYWHERE - nothing made by man is infallible).

kneon2050d ago


With your blind faith in cloud services you must not be in the IT industry. Those of us that have been around the IT block a few times know that there is no such thing as 100% uptime no matter what precautions you take. And it get's all that much harder when people are actively trying to disrupt your service.

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claterz2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Someone at Microsoft (think it was Aaron Greenberg) has already said that if you don't have access to the internet every 24 hours, then the Xbox One isn't for you. He was in a podcast and the host basically asked him how someone like a marine without internet access would play their games, and he said they're not Microsofts target audience and that they should go elsewhere for their gaming needs. So basically they don't give a sh*t :)

I'll try find a link to the podcast but it came out a while ago, just after the reveal I think.

OT - For me it's not just about internet outages (whether my fault or Microsoft's) but I like to take my consoles to friends and relatives to play my games there, but they don't always have an internet connection. I can imagine there being a lot of people getting an Xbox One for Christmas, taking the console to their relatives house for a few days only to find out that it's utterly useless after 24 hours.

claterz2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

He defends it by saying 90% of our owners in the US are connected so It's a very small percentage of people who will suffer from having an always on console. I feel like Microsoft are forgetting that there are other countries besides America lol.

3-4-52050d ago

What about when the company is in the area to do work and you "cable/internet might be out for a bit"..

Doesn't happen often but it does....What if that time is the exact time I just arrived home with a new game I've been waiting to play..

Wait you didn't check in within 24 hours so now you can't play game offline.

B frickin S

Foxgod2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Ms own the second largest cloud farm in the world (biggest is owned by amazon), there is no way that MS their connection goes out.

Its impossible to tackle a public cloud, because each and every individual server would have to go offline.

As long as you have enough servers joined in your cloud, theres absolutely no problem if a bunch go down.
What you do in a cloud is create a forecast of expected traffic, then you setup 120% of required servers, so that for all those people theres at least a 100% of resources available, even if 20% of the servers go down, and at average in a cloud no more then 7% of the servers fail.

CaEsAr-2050d ago

What if my internet went down for more than a day? It happened couple of weeks ago btw.

Foxgod2050d ago

Then you can play the first 24 hours its down, and then not until its up again.

Shadow Flare2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

I remember when psn was hacked and psn was down for weeks. I was in the middle creating a level in lbp2. And I quite relished being able to play lbp2 offline and fully focus on creating my level for those weeks. It was like the old days without online, and it was nice to be able to play my game while the online was down

Do you even listen to yourself foxgod?

"Then you can play the first 24 hours its down, and then not until its up again."

Said in such a matter if fact, accepting way. You will accept every restriction Microsoft throw at you. Why?????

You are part of the problem. I cannot believe you and some other Xbox fans defend this. Just say NO for once in your life, if you accept these new restrictions, you are damaging the future of gaming.

The reason they charge for Live is because people pay, they have no choice. Well people have a choice right now not to buy this console. Don't be duped by Microsoft again. You should have learnt from last gen. I shouldn't even care really if they want to be duped and be restricted as hell. It's almost like they like it.

It's shocking you defend them.

jmc88882050d ago

Why should they?

What reason does M$ legitimately have to tell that person they can't use the products they purchased?

THere's also the little part about what happened with Sony after their hack.

It wasn't that they COULDN'T get it up in's that they WOULDN'T LET IT be up and running.

Imagine the same thing with Xbox one....M$ not allowing it to be up until their customers were safe.

That's a month of no console.

Or M$ could just let millions upon millions of people be scammed while keeping the service up as much as possible....which actually sounds like M$'s M.O.

kneon2050d ago

Even server farms have outages.

Foxgod2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

A server farm is not a cloud farm, a cloud farm is decentralized, just like the internet itself, while a regular server farm is centralized, centralized sites are always more vulnerable then decentralized ones.
Because the servers are all over the world, forming a cloud, when one or a bunch go out, the others take over the role of the downed servers.

GameSpawn2050d ago


DOS (Denial of Service) attacks can still cause regional outages. No matter how decentralized the servers get. Hell, just ask a few countries in the middle east who have had their ENTIRE COUNTRY knocked off the internet due to a DOS attack from another nation.

I will say this again and again: Nothing made by man is infallible. Every system has its flaws.

kneon2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

I know how cloud services work, I've been a programmer for 30 years and have worked with just about every type of computing device imaginable. This is nothing new, cloud is just a new name for something that's been in use for years.

But you are assuming that the failovers always work, they don't. Plenty of cloud services have had outages. And if someone is deliberately attacking then things won't work as planned.

Here is one such failure that affected Microsoft

jmc88882050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


You make it sound nice, but it simply isn't the truth.

You do remember the M$ just did have an outage a few months ago.

You also make the mistake that 'every server' would have to go offline.

No it doesn't. One server or even a few hundred even a few thousand can't handle all the traffic at once.

You know when a website gets hammered, well worse than that.

The cloud can be neutered.

Foxgod2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

An outage in a regular server farm probably, i work with clouds at my work (cloud system admin) and i know how it works, why dont you look up on decentralized server networks before claiming that i am wrong.

It would take an army of hackers to put a decentralized setup such as azure down to 10% of its capacity, and hackers are not exactly organized, so you dont know the reality very well at all.

jmc88882050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Because I know reality.

The reality is, if M$ decides to take down their service because it was hacked, means it's down.

The simple fact is, if M$ has many of it's systems compromised, then if only 10 percent of it's available decentralized bandwidth is available, the service will still be screwed.

The simple fact is there are all sorts of problems that can arise that the cloud can't take into account.

I understand your position. The redundancy of cloud is impressive. But the mere fact they are relying on it with no need to ever do so, means they are needlessly creating problems that will transpire.

They also made one helluva target for hacker cred.

The simple fact is, for WHATEVER reason the system is down, if it is down, the console is a brick.

You make a console where any point in the chain can make for a catastrophic failure of the system, and you will have a console that at some point has a catastrophic failure.

It's like wall street, they all thought that if everyone had insurance, there would be no volatility...until the insurers and their fake derivatives went under, then all hell broke lose.

The simple fact is, that all this is unnecessary. The consumer gains squat. They do introduce themselves to failure points all around them. For their game to work it's not just about their console, their disc, their's about EVERYTHING working.

...and you forget timewise. You mention the cloud will always be up, but what about when the Xbox Two or whatever comes out. Are they going to keep all those running. What about when the xbox three or four comes out.

Lots of people can simply pop in a snes game in and play, will people be able to wax nostalgically with Xbox one games when it's service is shut down?

So many problems, all unnecessary. I know people want to use the cloud for things, but find the correct usages for it. This is nothing more than putting a square peg in a round hole, because M$ has alot riding on cloud. So why not find a REAL use for it, not a debilitating use for it.

Godmars2902050d ago

"there is no way that MS their connection goes out."

Yeah. If millions of people suddenly bought a new or price cut system, MS would be totally prepared for the extra traffic.

No chance what-so-ever of it crashing for a couple of weeks...such has never happened in MS's history...


ShwankyShpanky2050d ago

Good thing it's impossible to create self-replicating viruses that spread across multiple servers in a system.

...oh wait...

Anon19742050d ago

They don't have to take it down. All the have to do is find some exploit and suddenly people can't play their games, or force Microsoft to take the whole thing down to fix the problem. And that's assuming Microsoft doesn't simply do something to themselves. Microsoft doesn't exactly have a history releasing problem free, secure products.

That's the problem I have right there. Aside from the fact that I don't like having my rights as a consumer infringed upon, nor do I like suddenly being told how, when and with whom I play games I've purchased - even if I was onboard with the XBox One I'd have to submit to these 24 hour check ins on faith in Microsoft that they're going to work properly, 100% of the time. No Microsoft product I've ever owned has ever worked properly 100% of the time.

So why, given that I have a choice, would I subject myself to this risk to my valuable and limited gaming time? Why would anyone? I can choose to walk home on the sidewalk or on the shoulder of a busy road. I'll probably get home fine either way, but why would I take a chance when both options get me to where I'm going?

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Godlovesgamers2050d ago

To the Author of the article...

How noble of you to take into consideration everyone else's internet....oh wait, you didn't and it would seem you only really care about yourself in this self-serving.

IcicleTrepan2050d ago

I suppose the point is, if Xbox Live goes down for a period of time when your One needs to get the 24h validation, or at the end of life for the system when they shut the whole thing down.. what are you left with? It won't even play all those games you paid for at that point, ever again.

jmc88882050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Exactly another point the people forget.

The end-of-life.

So when M$ moves on to the Xbox Two, then all those supposedly great cloud servers will remain with Xbox one right? Oh wait.

Also all these reasons to use our bandwidth are completely unnecessary.

Telecoms are instituting data caps. I used to have unlimited they tell me it's a paltry 200gb's month. Some people's are much, much lower...especially in other countries.

They now have a $40-60-80-100 a month tiers.

WHy should I need to move up a tier just so Microsoft can constrain my experience, sell that data to screw me over, and I would have to pay more to my telecom in order to allow them to do it.

It's insane. All for a console that isn't even close to technically impressive.

HyperBear2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

This is the only thing that is pissing me off with Xbox One, and it is the DRM/Always-Online bit....

Right now on my Xbox 360, all I have to do is put the disc in and play, that's it. With Xbox One, I have to put the disc in and install it under my account, then make sure my internet/cable provider doesn't have outages or temporary down-time by shutting off their servers, then I have to make sure Xbox Live Server's (Network and Cloud) are up and running and they are not offline either.....just to play a single player game???

That's just ridiculous to me and could be the deal breaker that makes me not purchase one (That, and if they don't change their BS Live $60/year subscriptions). But essentially, if either one of my internet provider or Xbox Live goes down, for any length of time, then basically I have a $400 Blu-Ray Player :/

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