Kojima Productions explains why Japanese Snake voice actor did not change

In their latest Kojima Productions Alert podcast, the studio talked a bit about yesterday's show, and answered some questions sent in by fans.

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2pacalypsenow2056d ago

Lame excuse this series is losing points for me

xHeavYx2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Unless Solid Snake makes an appearance somehow, maybe all this is just Kojima trolling with us

THamm2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

If you were in charge of a movie, would you rather choose Sutherland or Hayter? Obviously with Sutherland they got the best of both worlds, a great actor with the right expressions and a very good voice actor as well. The photo realism sounds so cool and with tha artistic touches of the Japanese, I would love to see it. How that blends in with the 3D scan is the key. Remember how real Snake looked in the KP office, but also how real that little kid looked in it as well. Don't forget this is Big Boss not Solid Snake, obviously Solid will have a different voice as will Liquid

Peppino72056d ago

If it means losing Hayter for future metal gear games and a movie then I'm for the switch. If this is the final game then I wouldn't have made any changes. The game will be great regardless.

ZodTheRipper2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

People are judging this way too early. What if Sutherland does a spectacular performance voicing Big Boss? Would you really care that much then? I'm waiting for some ingame scenes with Sutherlands voice until I make my final judgement about this change.

crxss2056d ago


MGS is one of those series to me that's near impossible to lose points in my book.

user55757082056d ago

so the english actor is the lead for snakes facial expressions and the japanese actor didnt change because his voice will be dubbed on.

so if one voice actor can be dubbed then why not the other? snakes japanese voice may not be in perfect sync with keifers facial expressions, however neither would david hayter's...

so if the japanese version will have this then i see no problem with the english version doing it too and keeping david hayter around which is what the majority of fans want

Jman36x2056d ago

Then who would voice Solid Snake in Japan? Can anyone answer that?

Syntax-Error2055d ago

You people are mad because Keifer Sutherland(Accomplished Actor, VGA Winner for Voice Over in Call of Duty, Jack Buar) is taking over the voice of Snake which was originally mimicked by David Hayter(Writer) to sound like Kurt Russell? Hmmm, sounds like a bunch of baby shit going on here

SexyGamerDude2055d ago

@Sytax-Error You obviously know nothing. You would know that Haytor has experience in acting and voice acting. He wasn't just a writer.

Don't care about Kiefer's achievements. Who gives a damn about the voice acting in Call of Duty? Haytor is better than Kiefer for this role.

blind-reaper2055d ago

@syntax-error I don't doubt Keifer's capacity to do a great job, it is not about that it is about changing the essence, the personality of the character, you can do that to newcomers of the series, but long time fans will feel betrayed. If you don't believe me take a look at the poor sales of the devil may cry reboot.

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Salooh2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I disagree. It's not a lame excuse. It's reasonable and understandable. We are just sad about it. I personally prefer the old voice in this game since it's a current generation game but if they are releasing it on ps4 then i'm not that angry because it's the only way to evolve the game.

Nyxus2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I agree completely. Of course, I'm sad to see Hayter go. But the reasons they provided are very valid. The results were already visible for me in the trailer: the emotion displayed in Snake's face was impressive and I understand their goals (see the part where Snake watches MSF burn to the ground). I have faith in this studio.

Christopher2056d ago

Because Keither Sutherland doesn't speak fluent Japanese.


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NatureOfLogic2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

So because MGS is more popular in the west, we have to get a new va? Just shut up kojima. You're only making me less interested in the game. If anything because It's more popular in the west, the japanese va should've been switched for a mocap+va instead. I'm really pissed that Hayter is gone simply because they wanted hollywood motion capture. It's so stupid. All the lame excuses and this is what it really comes down to.

Heisenburger2056d ago

Kojima has made it abundantly clear in all of his games how obsessed with film he is.

So maybe this is what we get for pushing him to make nothing but Metal Gear for all of these years.

This really took all of the wind out of my sails.

HarryMasonHerpderp2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Nobody pushed him to make more Metal Gear games but Konami. A lot of people are still waiting for Zone Of The Enders 3.

Nate-Dog2055d ago

It's more than simple motion capture. This video explains things better I think, at least to me it does anyway:

Cloudberry2056d ago

I actually don't mind Keifer doing Big Boss now.

I'm glad he's got the role.

Alos882056d ago

Hayter's voice was distinctive, you knew it was Snake immediately. Now I'll just feel like I'm playing Jack Bauer :(

Snookies122056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Good god people are so entitled... We haven't even heard Keifer's performance yet. They need to wait until the damn game has come out to judge it. If it sucks, so be it. They're entitled to hate, but at least wait until the dang thing is out. (Or at the very least, until we've heard a couple lines of dialogue by him.)

I've been a fan of Metal Gear for so many years now. I have multiple copies of each MGS game, and have the collector's edition of MGS4. That game was the reason I bought my PS3. I'm also a HUGE Hayter fan, and love his voice as Snake. Yet I'm not going to bash and hate on MGS5 until I actually hear the performance given.

Sure it sucks that Hayter isn't Big Boss, but that isn't going to lower the quality of the actual game. Kojima is masterful at what he does in terms of gameplay and design. So he possibly made a bad call here, give him a break. He does so well in so many other areas, you're going to let one negative get in the way of what could be a masterpiece of game?

General Shrooms2056d ago

People knowing what they want/like makes them entitled?

ZodTheRipper2056d ago

You only know what you're used to, you don't know what you'll be getting with this new voice. People who plan to boycott this game because of this change without even giving Sutherland a chance have some serious case of first world fanboy problems. I got a lot of disagrees when I said this the last time but I don't care, that's my opinion as a big Metal Gear fan since MGS1. If he sucks, I'm on your side but if he's good (and I have high expectations in this case) I don't care who did the voice work in the end.

Blacktric2056d ago

"Good god people are so entitled"

Just stop.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Kojima pretending this is anything more than his over eagerness to be part of the American movie scene. Everybody knows he always wanted to be a director and the change in voice actor not only allows him to get that bit closer to Hollywood, but he also gets to redesign Snake into the Hollywood persona he would have preferred had funds and popularity been available for him to do so back in the first Metal Gear Solid.

Cupid_Viper_32056d ago

First of all, That Avatar :D

Secondly, Snake was inspired by Kurt Russel playing Pliskin in a hollywood flick, a fact that I think is unknown to many people. And Kojima has always been a director.

We're moving into an era were games are becoming more real, and part of that relies heavily on convicing acting and voices. No doubt that I'm heartbroken about David Hayter not voicing him, but Sutherland's acting chops are way beyond Hayter's.

Look at games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Last of US, Beyond 2 Souls, and you'll see that it's no longer about just shooting people (getting old) but now the human experience is playing a bigger role as well. I welcome that.

AmkOwns2056d ago

why not use Keifs facial expression and then dub Haytor's voice? simple

Agent_00_Revan2056d ago

Because why hire a big name actor just to do something anyone can do?

AmkOwns2056d ago

Because Haytor>Hollywood stars.

peowpeow2056d ago

He meant the facial expressions..

Joe9132056d ago

Simple you are paying a real actor to come in and do mocap then pay a voice actor then a Japanese voice actor all for one character. I know I rather them take hayter out and put that money back in the game. I do think hayter will be back or the series will end cause Big Boss story is just about up.